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How long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time?

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Owning the attractive and sexy breasts is the desire of many women to be more confident in their life. Therefore, many with a small breast size had decided to undergo endoscopic breast augmentation to correct their body flaws. So what is endoscopic breast augmentation? How long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time? Let’s find out the answers in the article below!

How long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time?
How long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time?

What is endoscopic breast augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation – or Ergonomix breast augmentation is the technique that involves an endoscope for the placement of the Ergonomix Nano Chip breast implant inside the breast cavity. The plastic surgeon will place the implant inside the body using either the trans-axillary, inframammary, or peri-areolar incision.

The Endoscope can magnify the image inside the breast structure to allow the implant placement to happen quickly, gently, and safely. Correct all the flaws of the breasts and increases their size to be more natural and fulfilling.

Likewise, The Ergonomix implant is manufactured by Motiva, a renowned manufacturer in the U.S. It has 7 elastic shells filled with silicone gel, limiting the risk of rupture or leaking even when facing the tremendous external force.

In addition to that, the Ergonomix implant is also equipped with a chip to store the information of the patient, allowing them to check on the condition of the implant anywhere and anytime. This is also the reason why the Ergonomix breast implant is so much adored nowadays.

Nâng ngực nội soi túi Ergonomic là công nghệ hiện đại
The Ergonomix breast augmentation is an advanced technique

The advantages of the endoscopic breast augmentation

The use of an endoscope will ensure the operation happens safely and precisely without damaging the tip of the breast and the surrounding regions. This has many special benefits like:

  • A technique that doesn’t affect the milk glands.
  • The endoscopic breast augmentation will form a Y-Line contour that can last for a lifetime.
  • The endoscopic breast augmentation will maximize the aesthetic aspect of the body, making the person more confident in her life and her breasts.

How long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time?

The recovery time after having endoscopic breast augmentation is the worst concern of many women nowadays as it can affect their lives. So how long is the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time?

Endoscopic breast augmentation usually lasts around 1 – 2 hours. After undergoing the operation, the ladies will stay at the hospital for further monitoring in one day with intensive care. The reason for such a short inpatient time is because this technique doesn’t cause much damage or invasion, leading to a shorter recovery time.

However, the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time will depend on many factors like the technique applied, the patient’s condition, the aftercare procedure, etc.

Normally, due to the requirement for dressing and compression garment to shape the implant, you will have to move slowly and gently for 1 to 2 months to allow the breasts to fully recovered. After 3 to 6 months, the breasts will be completely natural and perfect.

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Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – A quality and reputable place for breast augmentation

If you are wondering where should you go to have an endoscopic breast augmentation then Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital might just be the place for you.

With years of experience and the reputation of being the best facility to perform endoscopic breast augmentation in Vietnam, Korean Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the safe place to seek with advanced equipment and the top experts in plastic surgery, bringing you the ideal and most attractive breasts.

We can 100% assure you that choosing to have the Ergonomix endoscopic breast augmentation is a safe and trustworthy choice due to the following reasons:

  • A team of doctors with exceptional expertise in plastic surgery that is experienced and well-trained.
  • A luxurious, comfortable, and hygienic infrastructure, along with a dedicated attitude from the staff towards the customers.
  • the advanced equipment involved that is constantly updated to catch up with the latest cosmetic trends.
  • A standardized procedure meeting the strict requirements given by the Ministry of Health.
  • The effective final result at a reasonable cost.

The result of having breast augmentation at Gangwhoo

nang nguc 1

nang nguc line x 3

nang nguc line x 1

nang nguc 3 1

nang nguc line

nang nguc 1 2

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nang nguc 4

nang nguc

nang nguc 1 1

nang nguc 6

We hope that the article that we just shared can help you to possess the wonderful pair of breasts that you are searching for. If you ever need to “upgrade” your look or just question the endoscopic breast augmentation recovery time, please contact 0901666879 for further information and help!

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