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Endoscopic and Microsurgery for 7th Nerve Palsy Treatment

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PNO – The combination of endoscopic surgery and microsurgery has successfully brought hunreds of patients suffering from 7th nerve palsy back to their normal lives. In the following article, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospitall shall give you brief information about this disease and the treatment for it. Stay tuned!

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7th nerve palsy – Causes and effects

The 7th nerve is the motor nerve, which controls facial muscle movement. We do not acknowledge much that the facial nerve has a complex path, from the central nervous system through the temporal and parotid glands to the muscles of the face. That is why the motor damage of half of the face has many causes such as from the brain stem, in the 7th nerve, in the stony bones, or in the parotid gland…

Central 7th nerve palsy is caused by localization in the skull, which causes cerebrovascular accidents, brain abscesses, tumors of the central nervous system, and auditory nerve tumors.

Peripheral 7th cranial nerve palsy is often caused by sudden cold, or by inflammation. In addition, facial paralysis is also caused by neurological complications of nasopharyngeal tumors; crushed, broken, fractured stony bone… High risk is found in the following subjects: people with a weakened body – weak immune system, pregnant women, history of atherosclerosis, blood pressure, or stressed, staying up late, being lazy…

7th nerve palsy (facial paralysis) paralyzes one side of the face, especially the corner of the mouth; medial cleft deviated to the paralyzed side, the mouth on the affected side sagged; loss of control over blinking, eyes not closing or opening wide even while sleeping; loss of taste, difficulty in eating and drinking, severely affecting the patient’s mental health.

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How is endoscopic surgery and microsurgery suture carried out for 7th nerve palsy treatment?

Endoscopic surgery involves using a specialized endoscopic device, only a small incision (from 1-1.5cm), this device has a micro camera, with image magnification up to 10 times that helps doctors see clearly tendons, bones, and blood vessels in the face. Therefore, to avoid damage to blood vessels, or affect muscle tissues, and causing infection. Thanks to the ease of hemostasis, endoscopic surgery helps the process of connecting the 7th nerve to be carried out quickly, gently, without invading the surrounding areas.

Microsurgery involves using a microscope with normal magnification from 10-20 times to dissect, suture blood vessels and nerves with the size of only about 1mm, the diameter of the thread is from 15-42 microns (about 1/10 the diameter of a human hair). In cases of paralysis of a motor muscle group, by applying the technique of neuromuscular transfer, the microsurgery can restore the patient’s motor function and working capacity, which was previously considered impossible.

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In case the 7th nerve is completely broken or paralyzed for a long time, has undergone acupuncture and physical therapy methods but has not progressed, the combination of endoscopic surgery and microsurgery for 7th nerve palsy treatment has given beyond expected results. This method has been successfully researched and applied by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, along with professors, and Korean plastic surgeons, and is highly evaluated by international experts through a scientific topic reported in the 38th International Plastic Surgery Association in Korea.

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Procedure and result

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital applies advanced medical equipment for the treatment of 7th nerve palsy. In which, equipment such as the Leica micro-surgical glasses, neuro-endoscopic system, microsurgery… Customers shall be examined and checked for their health carefully before undergoing plastic surgery.

The cases of facial paralysis are consulted by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong with Korean doctors to determine the cause and come up with the most accurate treatment method for facial paralysis.

A small and painless incision of only 1-2mm, which is non-invasive, and does not damage muscles and nerves. During the surgery, the doctor shall restore the muscles – facial movements, mouth movements to improve the prolapse in the nasolabial folds, eyelid creases, which cause big eyes and small eyes. The endoscopic surgery is combined with microsurgery sutures shall help patients to recover more than 80% of the facial movements. With physical therapy after surgery, the chance of recovery is up to 90%.

This method has helped hundreds of patients suffering from facial paralysis to return to normal life. There are lots of wonderful stories about how Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has successfully done 7th nerve palsy treatment to help patients to achieve their dreams that they sometimes cannot even imagine that they would.

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