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Effects Of Circumcision On The Penis Size

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Does circumcision increase penis size? Can the penis become smaller if we do not undergo circumcision? This is the most commonly discussed question among men? So what is the right answer? Does circumcision increase size? Let’s find out in the article below!


The penile foreskin is an extremely important part of the male body. This part contains lots of sensitive nerves, helping men to get an erection and achieve orgasm during sex. This part also has the function of protecting the penis and maintaining the moisture of the foreskin.

Men need to undergo circumcision if the foreskin is narrow, long, or tight. In these cases, it is difficult for the foreskin to be pulled up and down normally. At the same time, the tight foreskin can be risky of causing penile infections, cancer, and ruining sexual activities.

Circumcision is a simple minor low-risk surgery. But if undergoing circumcision too early, children can suffer a lot of pain, causing difficulties in normal activities.

Customers must also perform proper hygiene to prevent infection in the genital organs. Meanwhile, if customers do not undergo circumcision to remove the tight foreskin, it can lead to male diseases, affecting the genital function later on.

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Therefore, deciding an appropriate time to undergo circumcision is extremely important. According to experts, the best time to undergo circumcision is for your kid to be 14 years old. At this time, your kid has probably been aware of the importance of undergoing circumcision. At the same time, this is the best time for the penis to develop fully.

Cắt Bao Quy Đầu Có Tăng Kích Thước Không?
Does Circumcision Increase Penis Size?


According to experts, undergoing circumcision can help the penis size grow to the fullest. However, it will depend on the physical condition, age, and health condition of each person. In some cases, the foreskin is thick, completely covering the penis, then undergoing circumcision shall partly change the penis size.

In fact, circumcision is a plastic surgery procedure of the penis foreskin. If stenosis (tight foreskin) of the foreskin has been present since childhood, the penis may be underdeveloped. There is even the risk of infection. Circumcision is an extremely necessary method to help get rid of tight or long foreskin.

Because of the foreskin, the penis will be under pressure, making blood circulation harder. The body also provides a certain amount of blood to bring nutrients and nourish this excess skin. Circumcision does not affect the penis, it also makes the body’s nutritional intake more useful.

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Although the foreskin protects the glans penis from damage, when the foreskin is too tight or too long, it will limit the growth of the natural size of the penis. Experts also said that early circumcision for boys during puberty will completely help increase the size of the penis. If boys undergo circumcision before puberty, there will be no risk of small penis size.

Undergoing circumcision can bring great benefits in increasing the size of the penis. There are also lots of different benefits of circumcision to physical health in general as well as reproductive health in particular. Along with that, undergoing circumcision can ensure the best quality of life and family happiness.

Does Circumcision Increase Penis Size?
Does Circumcision Increase Penis Size?


It is extremely important to correctly perform self-care after undergoing circumcision, otherwise, there may be risks of infection. The recovery time, as well as the risks of infection, shall depend on how well the self-care of the penis is after undergoing circumcision. A few tips of self-care for you to keep in mind:

  • Follow the self-care instructions, use pain relievers exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Keep the genitals clean, change the wound dressing regularly to ensure the wound is not too closed.
  • During the recovery period, please wear underwear or pants with light and loose materials. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight to keep the penis dried.
  • Absolutely avoid moving intensely or doing heavy work to avoid affecting the incision, which can cause the wound to open and take a long time to heal.
  • Limit or quit taking tobacco, stimulants such as alcohol or alcoholic beverages.
  • For at least 4 weeks after the surgery, it is prohibited to have sex, in addition, it is necessary to avoid making the penis erect during this time.
  • Establish an appropriate and balanced diet to help strengthen the immune system and prevent infections.
  • Take time to rest, keep a good mood, avoid stressful and anxious things in the first days after undergoing circumcision.
  • After surgery, if there is swelling or bleeding, please quickly go to the nearest medical center for examination and quick treatment.
Does Circumcision Increase Penis Size?
Does Circumcision Increase Penis Size?

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