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Effective Treatment Methods for Pitted Scars and Chickenpox

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Almost everyone has had chickenpox at least once in their life. If not treated properly, it is easy to leave pitted scars on the skin surface. Chickenpox scars are as difficult to treat as acne scars. So how to treat chickenpox pitted scars most effectively?


  • Chickenpox is a disease caused by the Varicella Zoster virus.
  • Chickenpox is not too dangerous, most patients recover themselves on their own without having any serious complications.
  • But it is very easy to see that when the disease develops, the skin appears blisters in the first 4 days. From the 5th to the 7th day, the chickenpox nodules will begin to scab, darken, and gradually fall off.
  • Usually, these blisters will not cause scarring. However, if the chickenpox blister is broken and infected, there is a high chance that it will leave a pitted scar.


In fact, there are many treatment methods for chickenpox pitted scars. However, it is difficult to choose the best treatment method for pitted scars after chickenpox because it depends greatly on the natural health status of each person.

But it will be easier to treat chickenpox pitted scars if you know the treatment method for chickenpox scars that have been recommended by experts using modern cosmetic technologies right below:

Treatment for Chickenpox Pitted Scars
Treatment for Chickenpox Pitted Scars

1. Microneedling therapy

Microneedling is a method that will use a roller device with lots of micro-needle. This method will affect the surface of the scarred skin, the needles will impact the epidermis layer of the skin and then go deep into the skin, depending on the bottom of the scar, the technicians will perform accordingly.

The needle tips are only 0.2 to 0.3 mm long and are made from medical stainless steel. Therefore, it only causes “fake” damages to stimulate the body’s own wound healing process. This mechanism stimulates cells to proliferate, thereby stimulating the formation and development of elastin and collagen to fill in the pitted scars.

During the procedure, technicians shall apply the essence to treat scars. Therefore, after a short time, the concave and pitted scars will be flattened. However, it greatly depends on each person’s natural health status, the scar condition, and the adaptability of the skin.

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2. Microlaser therapy

The principle of microlaser technology is to use a laser with a wavelength of 10,600mm, this technology will emit microscopic laser rays that impact the skin surface and break down scar tissue bonds, which stimulates new collagen to fill pitted scars and regenerate new skin. At the same time, the emitted light rays are also capable of breaking down the melanin pigment causing melasmas, brown spots, freckles, … below the epidermis and dermis at the applied skin site. Thanks to that, after treating the chickenpox pitted scars, the skin will not only be free of scars but also smoother and more radiant.

Microlaser technology is a skin-friendly technology because it is non-invasive, does not cause any pain. The laser is extremely safe for the skin and creates a soothing feeling right during the procedure. You can also have normal life afterward.

3. Stem cells technology

The technology of treating chickenpox pitted scars with autologous stem cells is a combination of laser treatment and autologous stem cell transplantation. This technique involves penetrating 2000 times deeper than conventional treatments. This technique involves destroying the scar root, stimulate collagen production, shrink pores, regenerate the skin to fill the scar quickly. The chickenpox pitted scars shall be completely removed after only 1 procedure.
Autologous Stem Cells Treatment
Autologous Stem Cells Treatment


Nowadays, there are many cosmetic facilities providing cosmetic services to people. However, it’s hard to find and choose a prestigious and quality cosmetic facility. You will not have any difficulties if you know Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – one of the top quality, prestigious, and modern cosmetic facilities trusted by many customers nowadays.

With outstanding and exclusive benefits at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for customers to entrust. With advanced technologies along with the top therapies for pitted scars certified by the top experts in the cosmetic industry, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall give the best result for customers.

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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to be one of the top cosmetic facilities trusted by many customers for pitted scars treatment nowadays.

In particular, with the microlaser technology and stem cell technology for pitted scars treatment at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, it is the perfect choice to treat your chickenpox pitted scars.

Microlaser Technology for Pitted Scars Treatment
Microlaser Technology for Pitted Scars Treatment

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We hope the information this article has given is useful for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for direct advice and guidance!

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