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Eating shrimp causes keloid scars? – Keloid scars treatment

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Many people, after having injuries due to trauma or surgery, receive the advice of not eating things like water spinach, or shrimp. Eating shrimp causes keloid scars? What should a person with keloid scars keep in mind?

Why you shouldn’t eat shrimp when having an open wound?

Shrimp is a product that is rich in protein, non-cholesterol fatty acid, essential minerals for the body like Phosphor, Calcium, Omega-3, Magnesium, etc. that can help to increase eyesight and prevent exhaustion and tiredness. Shrimp also contains lots of nutrients that can improve cardiac health, prevent and lower the risk of cancer or stroke.

For the reasons above, shrimp is a very beneficial product; however, this doesn’t apply to people with an open wound or have keloid scars before as shrimp can cause skin allergy and itchiness. Saying that doesn’t mean that eating shrimp causes keloid scars. In fact, keloid scars are formed due to several causes.

So to answer if eating shrimp causes keloid scars then the answer is not exactly as it will only promote the development of keloid scars, not causing them.

Eating shrimp causes keloid scars?
Eating shrimp causes keloid scars?

Eating shrimp causes keloid scars?

The reason why eating shrimp can make keloid scars develop faster is not due to the nutrients inside the food as they are very good for the person. However, it is the richness in nutrients, specifically proteins, that create an abundance, forming new tissues on the skin that we called keloid scars.

To prove this point, the doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital have conducted an experiment in which the person with an open wound will begin eating shrimps during their recovery. As the result, the person has a longer healing process and ulcer, all of which contribute greatly to the formation of keloid scars.

Additionally, for the person with newly formed skin, eating shrimp can cause skin allergies like itchiness or redness which can irritate the person.

That is the reason why if you are injured, you should not be eating shrimp as it can cause keloid scars or dark spots. Now let’s check out other products that you should also avoid when having an open wound.

Other food that can cause keloid scars

When searching for an answer if eating shrimp causes keloid scars, you may find that shrimp is not the only thing that you should be avoiding when being injured.

Crab, squid, oyster, and seafood in general

Seafood contains a rich amount of protein that can cause allergies when entering the body because the volume of protein is too much that would cause an abundance of cells where the keloid scars are formed.

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Moreover, seafood can sometimes have toxins that can cause itchiness, irritation, and a longer healing process.

Eating shrimp causes keloid scars?
Eating shrimp causes keloid scars?

Water spinach

Water spinach contains lots of nutrients like fiber, protein, Iron, Zinc, vitamin C, and E, etc.. that are beneficial to the body. However, if you are having an open wound, eating water spinach would cause collagen to be overproduced, causing the excess skin to protrude and form keloid scars.

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This is also among the list of food that you should avoid if you don’t want to have ugly keloid scars on your skin as chicken can make the wound heal slower and cause itchiness or even intense irritation at the injury.

Aside from the products above, you should also pay some attention to other products like corn, beef, stimulants, spicy or hot food, etc. because they all can cause skin allergies and keloid scars.

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Effective keloid scars treatments

Nowadays, there are several effective keloid scars treatments that you can make good use of like using natural ingredients such as honey or turmeric or using medications. However, the most effective, safest, and quickest procedure of them all is keloid scars treatment with laser.

Keloid scars treatment with laser involves the use of an intense heatwave to flatten the skin and suppress the production of natural collagen. Its effectiveness is superior compared to natural methods.

In Vietnam, there are very few facilities that use laser in skin therapy instead of natural methods with scar gel or cream. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is among the few places that have successfully apply laser in beauty makeover.

With a procedure consist of many quality, safe, and standardized steps, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is confident to give you a significant improvement to your keloid scars condition.

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In addition, having skin therapy at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital means that you will get to have your own personalized treatment regimen created by experts to ensure your therapy will be effective and time-saving.

Moreover, the laser technology also helps to regenerate the skin, reduce the dark spots, and close the pores without causing any damages or invasion to the skin.

Thousands of customers have managed to elevate their beauty with our technology at Gangwhoo. Care to be the next one in line to own the youthful and smooth skin?

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We hope the information that we shared with you today about if eating shrimp causes keloid scars will help you in the future. If your current solution to keloid scars is not effective, why don’t you try out the keloid scars treatment with laser at Gagnwhoo by dialing 0901.666.879 right now?

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