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Eat Snakehead After Rhinoplasty – Can or Not?

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Hi doctor, my family and I love to eat snakehead. It just that I had had rhinoplasty yesterday, and I heard that you cannot eat seafood or fish after rhinooplasty. Can you tell me if I can eat snakehead after rhinoplasty or not? Thank you for your answer.

Ms. Quynh Anh (District 3, HCMC)

Dear Quynh Anh. Thank you for choosing Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place to answer your question. For this query, we would like to give you the answer as below:

Can you eat snakehead after rhinoplasty?

Snakehead (scientific name: Channa striata). They are a type of freshwater creature living in many parts of Vietnam. The snakehead meat is very delicious and nutritious, making it one of the most favorite ingredients in every meal.

Can you eat snakehead after rhinoplasty?
Can you eat snakehead after rhinoplasty?

Snakehead meat contains a great source of Amino Acid and healthy Fatty Acid. Both of these are important and necessary nutrients that the body needs. Snakehead meat is also considered to be a great medicine in treating the wound, relieving the pain, and recovering health after the surgery.

According to some studies, there are ingredients inside the snakehead meat that can create Polyunsaturated fatty acids, helping the wound to heal much effectively.

So can you eat snakehead after rhinoplasty or not? With its scientific evidence in curing the wound, eating snakehead after rhinoplasty, in theory, is possible. Therefore, if you are afraid that eating snakeheads will affect the recovery of the nose after the surgery, you can get rid of all those anxiety now.

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What you should remember when you eat snakehead after rhinoplasty

  • Just like every other product, no matter how nutritious it is, you should only eat a certain amount of it to maximize the nutrients inside the food.
  • You should choose the fresh snakeheads, not the dead ones.
  • You should combine this with other types of food to increase the variety of nutrients for the body, helping it to recover faster.
Sau nâng mũi có thể ăn được cá lóc với lượng vừa phải
You should only eat an adequate amount of snakeheads after rhinoplasty

What you should and shouldn’t eat after rhinoplasty

After knowing if you should eat snakehead after rhinoplasty or not, you can now be more confident in having this dish in your meals. However, aside from snakehead, there are plenty of other products that can serve the recovery of the nose after rhinoplasty and those that will badly affect it.

So, what is your diet after rhinoplasty?

What you should eat after rhinoplasty:

  • Food that is high in protein like pork, tofu, beans, mushrooms, etc.
  • Food that is rich in vitamins and minerals like vegetables and fruits. You should choose dark green vegetables as they contain lots of vitamin C and juicy red fruits that contain much vitamin A.
  • Milk and dairy products like cheese or yogurts.
  • A lot of water. You should drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water daily. This can also be changed to juice or soups to have a change of taste.

What you should NOT eat after rhinoplasty

  • Products that can cause keloid scars like beef, goat meat, water spinach.
  • Products that can cause allergy and itchiness like chicken, duck, seafood, sea fish.
  • Hot food like glutinous rice and its related products.
  • Hard food as it can cause difficulty in chewing, affecting the newly shaped nose.
  • Quick smoking for 1 – 2 months after rhinoplasty as nicotine inside the cigarette is very harmful to the recovery of the wound.
  • Stimulants like alcohol or beers.
nang mui co an duoc ca loc khong 3
You should not eat beef after rhinoplasty

Final words

The article above has answer if you should eat snakehead after rhinoplasty or not. We hope that the information we provided will be useful to you. If you still have any questions, please contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive immediate consultation!

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