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Can You Eat Potatoes After Rhinoplasty? 97% Of People Doesn’t Know The Answer

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Can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty? This is surely the question of many people, especially those potato-enthusiast.

Routines and diets are the two important things to remember carefully after having rhinoplasty. For the nose to heal quicker and be in its best shape without encountering unwanted problems after rhinoplasty, we must plan our menu carefully. So can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty? Let’s find out!

Can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty?
Can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty?

Can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty?

It is obvious that potato is a very familiar ingredient as it is inside so many of our daily dishes like french fries, mashed potatoes, etc.

However, whether can you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty or not and will it affect the recovery of the nose or not are still questions among many. To answer these queries, let’s find out what is inside of a potato first.

What is a potato made of?

According to studies, a potato contains a rich and variety of nutrients that are very good for our health. To be more specific, a potato has many carbohydrates, vitamins C, Potassium, antioxidants, and fibers.

  • The percentage of Vitamin C inside a potato is very high. And as we all know, Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient in building a healthy body, protecting the person from foreign factors.
  • The rich amount of carbohydrates also helps to provide energy for daily activities.
  • The fibers inside a potato are able to supply 8% of an adult’s daily needs. Fibers help to improve the digesting system, making the nourish sensation last longer. This is why many choose to have potatoes on their menu when they are on a diet.
  • Antioxidants help to prevent some cancerous conditions.

Answer to the question

Potatoes sure contain a lot of valuable nutrients to one’s health, but are they suitable for those who just had rhinoplasty?

In case you don’t know, the body requires supplementations of nutrients, minerals, vitamins (A, C, and E), and fibers after having rhinoplasty. All of them can be found inside potatoes.

For this reason, you can eat potatoes after rhinoplasty normally without worrying about any problems whatsoever. In fact, eating potatoes will actually beneficial to the recovery and the shape of the nose.

Sau nâng mũi có thể ăn khoai tây
You can eat potatoes after rhinoplasty

Will you have purulence if you eat potatoes after rhinoplasty?

The reason why so many people are afraid of having potatoes after having a nose job is that they are scared of getting purulence. However, this belief is completely false.

Inside a potato contains much potassium, sulfur, phosphorus that are very beneficial to your skin, especially the wounded regions after surgery. In addition, the substances inside a potato can also fight back the bacteria and improve the skin structure after a nose job.

That is why you can confidently place potatoes on your daily menu to provide yourself with an adequate amount of nutrients without worrying about purulence.

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How to choose, preserve, and cook potatoes to ensure the best outcome

Now that we know you can eat potatoes after rhinoplasty. Let’s move on to how to choose, preserve, and cook potatoes to ensure the best outcome.

  • Choose fresh potatoes without any fungus or damages.
  • Do not buy potatoes with sprouts as they contain toxins.
  • Keep potatoes somewhere dry, not too hot, and away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid frying the potatoes as oily food is not healthy for your health and skin.
  • Boil, steam, or made into soups are the best way to cook them.
  • Try to combine potatoes with other products to create diversity in your menu.

Aside from potatoes, what else can you eat after rhinoplasty?

nang mui an khoai tay duoc khong 3
You should not eat french fries

What else can you eat besides potatoes after rhinoplasty?

  • Products that are rich in protein: pork, tofu, beans, milk, dairy products like cheese, or yogurts.
  • Products that are rich in vitamins: berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, and dark green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli.
  • Water: plenty of freshwaters is needed, with juice and liquid food like soup and porridge are also acceptable.

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Can you eat sweet potatoes after rhinoplasty?

Sweet potatoes are very fibrous, rich in energy, and low in fat, making them a perfect option for your menu after rhinoplasty. In addition, having sweet potatoes regularly and adequately can help you to maintain your slim shape.

Can you eat taro after rhinoplasty?

According to experts, taro is a type of food beneficial to your health, especially for those who just had rhinoplasty. That is why you can eat taro after rhinoplasty normally.

You now know the answer if you can eat potatoes after rhinoplasty or not. Make sure to share this article to anyone who is worrying about the same question. If you still have any doubts, contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive our advice your your problems!

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