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Q&A: Can You Eat Noodles After Blepharoplasty?

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Diet is the number concern of many after having blepharoplasty as it can directly affect the final result of the service and the beauty of the eyelids. One of the questions that have been gaining in popularity is “can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty”. Let Gangwhoo plastic surgery center tell you the answer.

Is eating instant noodles good for your health?

In terms of taste, instant noodles are made to be a delicious type of fast-food loved by many. However, that is just our sense of taste fooling ourselves as if noodles taste the same as meat.

However, when it comes to the story of nutrients, instant noodles contain too much salt and MSG, making instant noodles very harmful when consumed in large quantities.

Can You Eat Noodles After Blepharoplasty?
Can You Eat Noodles After Blepharoplasty?

1. Cause obesity

Eating instant noodles will provide the body with lots of carbohydrates and fat. In addition, the content of fat and calories can also increase the chance of having obesity-related diseases.

2. Affect your liver

Instant noodles are packed in plastic packages that are very harmful to the environment. A plastic cup when being heated to 65 degrees Celcius will generate toxins that be absorbed into the food, damaging your liver.

3. Damage the digesting system

Using instant noodles for a long time will cause disorders to the stomach, creating stomach pain or flatulence. This is because noodles contain lots of additives that affect the sense of taste, creating pressure on the stomach.

4. Cause cancer

Eating instant noodles can cause constipation. The toxins, being left inside the body for a long time, are the cause of cancer. Not only people who are concerned about whether can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty or not should pay attention to this but also other people too.

5. Cause cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

The reason lies within the composition of the fat inside of instant noodles. They are known as transfat and saturated fat, which are very harmful to your health.

The nutrients inside instant noodles consist mainly of flour and animal protein. Eating instant noodles frequently will create a serious unbalance in nutrients. For people who are still recovering from an operation, whether can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty is interested by many.

Can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty?

Inside instant noodles contain lots of ingredients like refined oil/spices, dried vegetables, noodles, etc. To be more specific, they are vegetable oil, flour, refined oil, spices (salt, sugar, MSG, etc.) vegetable extract, fish powder, chicken powder, shrimp powder, etc.

Nutritionists stated that eating instant noodles will only create a temporary fullness and won’t provide any nutritional value.

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However, people who eat instant noodles a lot won’t just eat them alone but rather combine them with other edible like eggs, vegetables, kimchi, sausage, sprouts, shrimps, meat, etc. to increase the flavor.

To answer the question of whether can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty or not, our doctors believe that you should not. You should abstain from instant noodles for at least 1 month after having a blepharoplasty to allow the wound to heal and for the result to be as expected.

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The downsides of eating instant noodles after having blepharoplasty

1. Contain ingredients that can create scars

Aside from the spiciness, instant noodles also contain chicken powder, fish powder, and shrimp powder, the “nemesis” of people who just had blepharoplasty. These are the products that can cause keloid scars and dark scars, making the crease unable to heal as intended.

2. Other side food to avoid

There is a misconception that leaving out the spice packs will make noodles less harmful for the creases. However, without them, instant noodles will be very difficult to eat. In addition, other side food like seafood, chicken, beef, or water spinach can also create infections, scarring, swelling, etc.

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3. Let the eyes come in contact with the steam

Last but not least, the reason why you should not eat instant noodles after having blepharoplasty is that it will let the steam enter the creases. During the early period, the eyelids must stay completely away from water. Therefore, you should avoid having instant noodles entirely after blepharoplasty.

Advice from our experts for people who had blepharoplasty

Aside from the answer to whether can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty or not, our experts also suggest you supplement your body with the following edible to aid the healing process.

These include vegetables that contain lots of vitamin A, C, and E, like spinach, pomelos, strawberries, tangerines, pineapples, oranges, etc. They will speed up the healing process of the wound, allowing the creases to be more stable.

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We hope that this article has helped you to know the answer to whether can you eat noodles after blepharoplasty or not and the reasons why you should get rid of instant noodles from your daily meals. Gangwhoo plastic surgery center wishes you the best of luck in getting your desired beautiful eyes!

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