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Q&A: Can You Eat Chicken After Blepharoplasty?

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Many people are concerned about whether can they eat chicken after blepharoplasty and the time needed to ensure that the eyelids recover quickly and naturally. All of this will be answered in the article below!

What is blepharoplasty?

In this modern society, having a pair of beautiful eyes are the need of many. As our ancestor once said “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, having gorgeous eyes will surely impress other people.

Blepharoplasty is a minor surgery in which the surgeons will create a minor incision at the eyelid to create a new crease and take out the excess fat and skin, turning the monolid eyes into double-lidded eyes, as well as getting rid of the ptosis condition once and for all.

Blepharoplasty is a safe, effective, and highly recommended technique nowadays.

Can You Eat Chicken After Blepharoplasty?
Can You Eat Chicken After Blepharoplasty?

Can you eat chicken after blepharoplasty?

As mentioned, blepharoplasty is a simple procedure in which the doctors will get rid of the problems that the eyes are having and create new eyelid creases before stitching them back. After having the procedure, the eyelids will be swollen for the first 2 – 3 days. After 7 – 10 days, the creases will be stable and the scab will slowly be removed.

During this process, you must take care of the wound and have a proper diet to hasten the healing speed, creating the most beautiful creases possible. This includes abstaining from chicken as it can cause itchiness, pus, dark skin, and bruises for a long time.

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For this reason, after having blepharoplasty, you must not eat chicken in order to prevent you from scratching the scab and causing swelling or pus, which will lead to ugly keloid scars. So, how long before you can eat chicken after blepharoplasty?

How long must you abstain from chicken after blepharoplasty?

Now that you know whether can you eat chicken after blepharoplasty, you should know how long you must stay away from it. After having blepharoplasty, you should avoid chicken for 2 weeks. If the wounds are still not fully healed after blepharoplasty, you should wait longer for it to be completely settled (could last for 1 month)

The length of this period will be different between people as the recovery speed is not the same for everyone after blepharoplasty. If your eyes are not full of flaws from the start, the surgeons will try to make as little impact on the eyelid as possible, allowing your eyelids to heal quicker. In contrast, if your eyelids require lots of care, it is understandable if your eyes heal longer than others.

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However, if your body doesn’t heal itself quickly, it would still take a long period of time regardless of the minimal invasion. Therefore, for the skin of the eyelids to quickly heal without any problem, you should abstain from chicken until the eyelid creases are fully stable.

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What other food should you avoid aside from chicken after blepharoplasty?

To allow the eyelids to heal quickly after blepharoplasty, aside from chicken, you should also abstain from the following products:

  • Glutinous product:

Certain food like sticky rice or sticky rice cake will supplement your body with lots of nutrients. However, these products will make the creases heal longer, exposing them to infection and ugly scars.

  • Water spinach:

Eating water spinach will generate a large amount of Collagen that cannot be controlled for open wounds. Therefore, water spinach is considered to be the number one “culprit” of keloid scars on open wounds.

  • Spicy food:

Spicy food will force the tissues to be active and circulate blood. Therefore, having spicy food while possessing open wounds will make the eyelid creases heal longer, risking yourself having scars and infections that can affect both your health and your look.

  • Stimulants and alcohol:

Known to be the bad products for your health, these things will make it nearly impossible for the wound to heal, increasing the chance of having an infection. For this reason, to ensure the best health and aesthetic result, you should not use alcohol or stimulants.

In addition, to make the wound heal quicker, you should also:

  • Provide your body with lots of vegetables, fruits, milk, pork, juice, etc. to allow the wound to heal quicker and strengthen the immune system.
  • Do not let any external force affect your wounds. You should also keep the wounds after from water or dirt.
  • Rest plenty. Don’t let your eyes be overworked or exposed to electronic devices for too long.
  • Maintain the hygiene of the eyes pursuant to the words from the doctors.

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And there you have it, the answer to whether can you eat chicken after blepharoplasty. We hope that this article from Gangwhoo plastic surgery center has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you still have any questions, contact our hotline for a free consultation!

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