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Can You Eat Bread After Rhinoplasty?

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Hi Doctor. I jsut have my rhinoplasty surgery done 2 days ago and currently on a diet. It it just that I love having bread in the morning because it is very convenient and delicious. Can you tell me if I can eat bread after rhinoplasty? Thank you for your time.

Ms. Hue (Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City)

Hi Ms. Hue. Thank you for choosing Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place to answer your question. Bread is something very familiar to everyone, with some even “addict” to it like you. Today, Gangwhoo will answer the question if can you eat bread after rhinoplasty or not in this article below.

Can you eat bread after rhinoplasty?
Can you eat bread after rhinoplasty?

Can you eat bread after rhinoplasty?

To allow the nose to recover quickly without facing any problems, a suitable diet is something that no one can neglect as it will provide enough nutrients for the wound to heal faster.

In contrast, if the patients disregard the diet and eat whatever they like, the nose will run into many risks as there are many products that obstruct the recovery process, creating allergy, inflammation, or keloid scars at the wound.

Many bread’s “fans” wonder if they can eat bread after rhinoplasty or not as they are afraid that the piece of bread they enjoy every day may contain some ingredients that can affect the nose after rhinoplasty.

This is a very logical doubt, but it is unnecessary as the ingredients making the wonderful bread that you eat every like ham, cucumber, onion, or bread, etc. does not cause any harm to the nose contour.

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Can you eat bread after rhinoplasty? Absolutely yes!

However, to ensure the best result, you should not have bread with eggs, beef, or fish as these ingredients can affect the healing process of the nose more or less.

Instead, you should eat your bead with ham or meat made from pork. Vegetarian bread is also a wonderful option as well as they will not only satisfy your mouth but also cause no harm to your nose.

TLDR: you can definitely eat bread after rhinoplasty but without eggs, fish, or beef.

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What else can you eat after rhinoplasty?

Aside from the delicious bread that you love having for breakfast, you can also consume the following products and dishes to hasten the recovery of your nose.

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Food with lots of protein

Protein plays an important role in the regeneration of the cells and the healing of the wound, meaning that you should consume them frequently and adequately. To supplement yourself with a lot of protein, pork, tofu, beans, mushrooms, or seeds, etc. are fantastic options.

Food with lots of Vitamin and minerals

There is no food in the world that can provide as many vitamins and minerals as fruits and vegetables. That is why after having rhinoplasty, you should add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily meal!

Bổ sung nhiều rau và trái cây sau khi nâng mũi
Eat more fruits and vegetables after rhinoplasty is great for your nose recovery


Don’t ever forget to drink plenty of water as they are necessary for the body’s activities, including the healing process and immune system. You should drink at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water every day or more.

Aside from drinking plenty of water, you can also try out juice or liquid food for a change of taste. Who knows. You may find yourself a new favorite dish.=

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Final words

There you have it, answer to a very intersting question that many care about. You can definitely eat bread after rhinoplasty! If you still have any questions, contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the quickest and most accurate answer!

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