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Ear Keloid Scars – The Causes and Effective Treatments

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You are having ear keloid scars yet you don’t know how did you have it in the first place. Can ear keloid scars be treated? Don’t miss out on this article as it will show you the answers to these questions and the effective treatments that you might need.

What are keloid scars?

A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue caused by damage to the surface of the skin. This situation is very common after having an ear-piercing. Keloids can be formed in both ear cartilage and earlobe. Ear keloid scars vary in color, from light pink to dark brown.

Continue reading to find out what causes keloids in the ears and how they can be removed.

Ear Keloid Scars

What causes ear keloid scars?

When the ear is damaged or infected, scar tissue or fibrous tissue often forms to protect and heal the wound. But, sometimes, excessive tissue proliferation can lead to the formation of keloids.

There are many causes of keloids in the ears, some of the most common ones mentioned are:

  • The chickenpox condition is not properly cared for. It will very easily lead to keloid scars with keloid scars in the ears being no exception.
  • Piercing the ear.
  • Burns can also cause keloids.
  • In some cases, injuries such as acne, surgical cuts, or abrasions also lead to the formation of keloid scars in the ears.

Effective ear keloid scars treatments

The treatment of keloids in the ear to achieve optimal results requires choosing the appropriate method. In fact, most of the ways to treat keloids on the ears with natural methods or using scar treatment creams do not bring optimal results, but also take a long time.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is currently applying 2 definitive skin treatments for keloids in particular and keloids all over the body, including laser technology and keloid cutting technology.

Currently, these two methods are the only way to cure keloids without worrying about recurrence. This is a solution that is recommended by experts due to its optimal efficiency and absolute safety.

1. Surgical removal for ear keloid scars

To be able to undergo this method, you need to make sure the keloid in the ear is soft enough for the new skin to easily close the wound.

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If the keloid scar in the ear is still firm and hard, it will make the skin difficult to heal and the wound will take a long time to heal. In this regard, you should consult with specialists and doctors.

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Ear keloid surgery is usually done under anesthesia and is performed quickly after only one visit to the surgeon.

The main advantage of the surgical method is that the treatment time is quite short and the patient does not need to spend time recovering.

Therefore, the process of working and daily activities is not affected or delayed too much.

2. Non-surgical treatments for ear keloid scars

Back then, people with keloids only applied one of two methods: home treatment or scar removal surgery. While home treatment of scars is often not very effective, performing keloid surgery is only suitable for hypertrophic scars that are too large.

But, there are people who are not suitable for surgery or the scar is not large enough to need to be removed, making this solution to be unsuitable. Here is a piece of good news for people with keloids in the ears. The new technique to treat keloids with a CO2 laser without surgery makes the treatment of keloids very simple.

Laser technology using a light beam is the latest method of treating keloid scars as it uses high-tech light to remove the scar tissue, reducing the protrusion, shrinking up to 95% of the size of the scar, and offering skin rejuvenation with only 1 treatment.

The treatment of ear keloid scars with light technology is carried out with only 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1: The doctor examines and advises treatment courses.
  • Step 2: Clean the skin thoroughly
  • Step 3: Anesthetize the scar area
  • Step 4: Proceed to inject the essence into the scar area
  • Step 5: Project the Laser light.

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Some notices when having ear keloid scars

– If you are a person with a keloid condition, it is best not to do ear piercing. As stated above, this is what causes your ears to get those keloid scars.

– If you have been bitten by an insect or suffered an ear injury, It is best to apply ointment or use natural methods to avoid scarring after the wound heals.

– Choose a suitable scar treatment method depending on the condition of the keloids. If the keloid scar is new and narrow, you can use natural methods or laser technology to treat it. As for the scars that have a large area and are old, consider the method of keloid scars surgery.

The address for effective ear keloid scars treatment

At the moment, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is the first facility in Vietnam to perform in-depth skin therapy. Every customer will be advised and receive a personal treatment regimen.

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The treatment of keloids in the ear in particular, and the treatment of keloids in general at Gangwhoo meet the standards of the Ministry of Health. As a result, we provide the most optimal scar treatment for customers. This is a place where customers can put their trust. Immediately contact the hotline 0901.666.879 for immediate advice!

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