Dr. Nguyen The Sam

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Dr. Nguyen The Sam – Second Level Specialist in Anesthesiology and Ultrasound

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  • Member of the Anesthesiology – Recovery Organization of Viet Nam

Second Level Specialist Nguyen The Sam has nearly 30 years of dedication in the field of medication, specializing in Anesthesia and Recovery.

After years of training and working at major hospitals and medical universities in the country and abroad, and up to now, anesthesiologist Nguyen The Sam has always strived to enrich his knowledge and improve his expertise with the sole purpose of ensuring the best for the safety and health of patients before, during and, after surgery.

Besides, Second Level Specialist Nguyen The Sam is also passionate about research. His research topics in the field of anesthesia – recovery of doctors have high applicability in the field of surgery in general and plastic surgery in particular.

BS Nguyễn Thế Sâm - BS Gây Mê Hồi Sức - Siêu Âm Tổng Quát
Dr. Nguyen The Sam – Anesthesiologist – General Ultrasound

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