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Does Rhinoplasty Affect Your Fortune?

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Rhinoplasty is the most popular makeover procedure nowadays. However, many are still worried that does rhinoplasty affect your fortune or not

What is rhinoplasty?

Not everyone is born with a beautiful appearance. The nose shape is considered to be the most important factor that contributes to the beauty of the face. Many, due to their snub, flat, or humped nose, etc. that have the inelegant look and thus seek rhinoplasty for improvement.

Rhinoplasty affects the more are directly in a surgical method. Therefore, the flaws of the nose will be corrected and the projection is elevated to reach a certain height.

Nowadays, rhinoplasty surgery is performed with supports from cutting-edge equipment using both artificial and autologous cartilage. The autologous cartilage plays an important role in keeping the nose from redness, dorsal exposure, etc, while the artificial cartilage, with its variety in sizes, helps to elevate the nose safely.

The role of the nose in the physiognomy of the face

The nose is one of the 5 elements of the face that are the mouth, eyes, nose, brows, and ears. According to the physiognomy experts, the shape of the nose can greatly affect our career, love, and life stories.

Likewise, according to the physiognomy, people with straight and high nose, round nose tip, narrow alar base, and lemon seed nostrils has a very beautiful nose. These people will have the door to their career, fortune, and marriage life wide open.

In contrast, anyone with wide nostrils, low dorsal, big nose tip, or humped dorsal tends to run into less luck. Their lives are always on the line, while the love and marriage stories are full of troubles.

Most Asian has a very flat and inelegant nose. Therefore, when rhinoplasty technology was first introduced in Vietnam, many immediately seek surgery to improve their look. From that moment, the question “does rhinoplasty affect your fortune” was born.

Does rhinoplasty affect your fortune?

“Does rhinoplasty affect your fortune” is the question that many asked as Asian people are very superstitious.

Pursuant to physiognomy, some adjustments to the body can greatly alter the fate of oneself. Therefore, the majority of people believe that rhinoplasty will cause their peaceful lives to be eventful in a negative way.

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However, some beliefs go against the opinions above. Many physiognomists after studying human appearance have pointed out that by changing a part of the appearance, the person can obtain much luck. In addition, people with a snub or short nose and large nostrils are believed to soon lose their money. It is rumored that people with this type of nose will lose all the money they can earn gradually. Therefore, a rhinoplasty to correct the nose shape is very necessary.

In some cases, people even consult fortune-tellers before having cosmetic procedures for a second opinion. This, although can boost one’s confidence and reassurance, should be taken with the grain of salt by people with the true intention to change their appearance.

The answer to the question “does rhinoplasty affect your fortune” depends on each individual’s belief. However, if the change is for the better good and to complete your appearance then it is the rightful thing to do.

What you need to remember before having rhinoplasty

  • Consult a plastic surgeon about your condition.
  • Choose a suitable rhinoplasty method.
  • Should not overcorrect the result.
  • Make use of both artificial and autologous cartilage to protect the nose tip and prevent complications from happening.
  • Inform the doctors immediately if you have hemophilia, cardiac diseases, or anesthetic reaction during the general health examination.

Gangwhoo – The place for you to change your appearance and fate

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the facility that is licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate in the cosmetic field. We always follow strict regulations and standard procedures to ensure maximum safety and wonderful results for the customers.

The rhinoplasty procedure will be done in a sterile environment, following the standard protocol. In addition, we also upgrade our infrastructure to support our customers whenever they come to Gangwhoo for makeovers.

After the rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo, you will get to experience 6 things that no facility can offer, which are:

  • No pain
  • No swelling
  • No complications
  • No splint needed
  • No scar
  • No rest needed

Therefore, in just 30 – 45 minutes of operation, the customers will have themselves the desirable and beautiful nose shape that is everlasting. All the flaws of the nose will be corrected, offering a soft and natural nose.

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Does Rhinoplasty Affect Your Fortune

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Rhinoplasty will change your fate; and at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we change your fate to be better. “Upgrade” your nose and “upgrade” your appearance to improve your fortune today!

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