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Does facial palsy heal by itself?

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Cranial nerve VII paralysis is listed as the complication of stroke. The majority of the nervous condition is not simple to be treated, including the cranial nerve VII paralysis/facial palsy. So does facial palsy heal by itself?

Does facial palsy heal by itself?

The majority of diseases can be healed and recovered, even dangerous ones like stroke. And obviously, when comparing to other consequences of stroke, cranial nerve VII paralysis is still a relatively mild one.

However, one bad thing about it is that it cannot heal by itself. Only with appropriate treatments and help from experts can the condition be improved and recovered.

Some studies have shown that patients with facial palsy can hasten their recovery by combining suitable treatments with a healthy lifestyle. In contrast, if you just ignore the condition and let it heal by itself, you will not see any positive improvement but rather worsen your problem.

Consequentially, the patient will never have their condition treated and recovered. In fact, they will have to suffer an asymmetrical mouth and the inability to close their eyes for the rest of their lives.

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How to recover your health quickly having facial palsy

There are plenty of ways to treat cranial nerve VII paralysis that you can read about at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. In addition to the question of “does facial palsy heal by itself”, you should also read some knowledge about how to recover your health after having treatments.

If you want to get your facial palsy treated, you will have to undergo appropriate treatments as soon as possible. In fact, 90% of the patients have their facial functions recovered by undergoing physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage. These will be extremely effective if the condition is early identified and treated.

Acupuncture can only be done by the hands of experts and technicians with expertise and experience, allowing the patients to have the condition treated completely and preventing facial paralysis from reoccurring. In addition, the patient will also use medications and massage to improve blood circulation.

Follow the doctor’s instruction

Taking medications as the doctor’s prescription is the first thing that all patients should do as only with the right doses of medications can the condition be swiftly treated. In addition, you should also listen to the advice from the doctors. Physiotherapy or acupuncture are also great ways to support your treatment.

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Does facial palsy heal by itself?
Does facial palsy heal by itself?

Have a healthy diet

Next, a healthy diet is essential for all patients with facial paralysis. Remember, the nervous system of humans is very sensitive, not to mention that you are having cranial nerve 7 paralysis as well. Therefore, if you ate something unhealthy or bad for your condition, then the problem will only worsen and take longer to heal. In fact, there is a chance that it will never heal ever again.

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Does facial palsy heal by itself?

Take on a dedicated routine and lifestyle

Although you will definitely suffer many difficulties during your life when having cranial nerve 7 paralysis, you should still have a problem routine and lifestyle to elevate your day.

Moreover, you should perform even the slightest body movements like lifting your legs or arms. This is because even the smallest body movements can help to strengthen your nervous system. It may be painful at a certain level, but it will be beneficial for you.

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Does facial palsy heal by itself?

So the answer to the question of “does facial paralysis heal by itself” is provided to you above. We hope that you are happy with the answer. If you want to know more about facial paralysis or over makeovers, feel free to check out our website at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital!

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