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Does Chicken Meat Cause Keloid Scars?

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Chicken is a high-protein food that is beneficial for our health, muscle growth, and for effective weight loss. In addition, chicken contains a lot of phosphorus, which is beneficial for strong bones and teeth. However, for those with open wounds, they are concerned about whether they should eat chicken meat and it causes keloid scars or not?


When you have wounds on your skin due to surgery, trauma, acne, or piercing, those wounds can all be the cause of keloid scars. Keloid scars are the result of the formation of replacement fibrous tissue in the damaged skin. In addition to keloid scars, there are other types of scars such as pitted scars, hypertrophic scars, multiple nuclei, signs of skin contraction.

Keloid scars are the overgrowth of fibrous tissues after skin damage. The fibrous tissue grows constantly, will often float higher on the surface of the skin, and spread beyond the surrounding skin. They usually form in highly movement body parts such as chest, shoulders, arms, knees, etc.


Chicken is known to contain a lot of good nutrients for the body. However, lots of people are concerned that whether chicken can cause keloid scars or not. And you’ve probably been told not to eat chicken when your body has open wounds.

And as you’ve heard, it’s true that eating chicken causes keloid scars and interferes with wound healing.

As the wound begins to heal, it needs extra nutrients to help nourish the wound. At this time, the metabolism in the body will accelerate and must use a lot of energy and reserved protein, if you provide too much protein from chicken, it will cause excessive protein absorption and cause keloid scars.

In addition, chicken contains a number of toxins that cause inflammation, soreness, and itching for wounds that are still healing. Therefore, you must not eat chicken, especially during the time the wounds start to heal.

Does Chicken Meat Cause Keloid Scars?
Does Chicken Meat Cause Keloid Scars?


In addition to chicken, while the wound is healing, we need to avoid eating the following types of food to minimize the possibility of causing keloid scars.

  • Hot spicy foods and stimulants: These foods will make your wound fester and take longer to heal.
  • Water spinach: Water spinach helps to accelerate cell regeneration, strongly stimulates collagen production and this causes the regeneration of excess skin leading to keloid scars formation.

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  • Sticky rice dishes such as Chung cake, sticky rice, etc., made from sticky rice are often hot and sticky, which will cause the wound to swell and fester, potentially leading to infection and the formation of keloid scars.

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  • Beef: Despite providing a very high source of nutrients for the body, beef will make the wound scarred.

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  • Seafood: Eating seafood at this time will cause itching, discomfort, and inflammation that easily cause keloid scars.

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  • Eggs: Eating eggs will make the skin brighter than usual after healing, causing skin discoloration.

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In fact, keloid scars are considered permanent skin damages. Because of that, the treatment of keloid scars is considered difficult. Folk remedies use natural ingredients to apply to keloid scars. Mask or keloid scar treatment cream is often not effective. On the contrary, if you do it the wrong way, you may face the risk of skin irritation.

The most optimal treatment for keloid scars is that you should go to a medical center or a cosmetic facility. Here, you will be examined by specialist doctors and have the most suitable skin treatment for your skin.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital provides a safe and effective keloid treatment solution: co2 laser keloid treatment technology. This method involves using a laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm. This technique will affect the scar area, then will limit collagen production, smoothening the keloid scars area.

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If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital via Hotline: 0901.666.879 for free advice.

Having keloid scars due to different reasons is inevitable. However, if you are careful about what you should eat, and have a suitable keloid scars treatment, then you will not have to worry about keloid scars anymore.

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