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Doctor Phung Manh Cuong – First-class specialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery (the highest rank in Cosmetic Surgeon training in Vietnam). He has become such a famous name in cosmetic surgery in Vietnam and among world-class cosmetic surgeons. He is currently working at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital cum Chairman of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery (KSAS) in Vietnam At the same time, he is the honorary professor of Catholic University – one of the top 3 medical schools in Korea.


With more than 15 years in the cosmetology field, Dr. Cuong has performed and fixed more than ten thousand faulty nose and eye surgeries for both domestic and international customers.

His skills have brought hopes back to many patients that once were the “victims” of cosmetic surgery.


In 2012, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong and his colleagues at the Traumatology Department of Dong Nai general hospital (Province’s class 1 hospital in Dong Nai) created a groundbreaking achievement when they managed to reattach a severed hand back to the body of a patient in Long Khanh, Dong Nai.

For more than 6 hours, doctor Cuong and his fellow doctors had reattached every tiny blood vein on the patient’s hand, which helped him to be able to move his hand normally after 20 days.

With the desire to commit himself to cosmetology, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong resigned from his position at the hospital and traveled to many countries with high cosmetic reputations like the U.S, Korea. He also learned from the experience of many famous cosmetic surgeons in Vietnam.



Dr. Cuong doesn’t remember the exact number of patients that he had “saved” since it is such a tremendous number. Each customer that comes to him for help has their very own difficult story to tell.

He shared that in the field of cosmetology, performing a new plastic surgery on a patient is easier than fixing the faulty surgery of someone who has undergone them many times.

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These are a few newest cases that doctor Cuong had performed

Ms. D.T.T, 29 years old, lives in Binh Phuoc province. For 15 years, she had suffered from cranial nerve 7 paralysis that had caused half of her face to be paralyzed. For 15 years, Ms. T had never had a true smile since she was always despised by others. She had to live her everyday life wearing a mask. Despite how many hospitals and clinics she had visited, none could treat her.

Knowing that this would be a tough case, doctor Phung Manh Cuong discussed with other doctors in Korea and invented a procedure that would use autologous thigh muscle as a bond to adjust the paralyzed areas and treat her asymmetrical face. As the result, after 40 minutes, Ms. T’s face was symmetrical. She can finally put a smile on her face after so long.

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In December 2019, Ms. Ngoc, who lives in Ho Chi Minh city, felt like she was born for the second time after doctor Phung Manh Cuong successfully fixed her faulty nose, something that had gone through 6 faulty surgeries in different clinics.

Her nose at the time was contracted with the right nostril being so tiny that even a small cotton earpick couldn’t be put in. Feeling desperate, Ms. Ngoc suffered from a mental breakdown and did not wish to leave the house.

However, her fate began to become much brighter after her friends recommend her to doctor Cuong. Her nose was dramatically disfigured, with the nostril contracted and formed scars on the skin. Asymmetrical nostrils made her face difficult to look at.

Doctor Cuong later used a pedicled perforator flap for microsurgery to handle the disfiguration of the front nostril. This procedure helped to extend the contracted nostril. He then used the autologous stem cell to fill and reconstruct the blood veins around the nose. After that, he took care of the scars around it. 1.5 months later, the case moved to the next step of nose augmentation.

As the result, 15 days after the surgery, her nose was now good as new. Her nostrils were symmetrical, with no contraction and disfiguration as before. Her nose is now high, with a straight and Western-looking dorsal.

Another example is the case of Ms.Thuy Kieu (who lives in Ho Chi Minh city) with 2 faulty nose corrections that made her face stiff like a “broken doll”. Despite seeking numerous hospitals, all of them turned her case down. When all else failed, she came in contact with Dr. Phung Manh Cuong.

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After diagnosing her case, he determined that the nose was now disfigured, with the decaying tissue inside due to the inappropriate placement of the silicon material that blocked the surrounding tissue, causing the nose to be bent and infected.

With 15 years of experience in the cosmetology, and the assist of state-of-the-art equipment at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, doctor Phung Manh Cuong had managed to bring salvation to Ms. Thuy Kieu’s nose.

2 days after the surgery, her nasal splint was removed. The result was beyond her expectation; her nose was now beautiful, with no infection. Unlike before, it is now her nose that makes her appear more natural.


In 2017, when attending the international cosmetology conference in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong met many famous cosmetic surgeons from countries around the world. That included America, Korea, Britain, France, Singapore.

“When I introduced myself as a cosmetic surgeon from Vietnam, they were all very polite towards me and talked to me. However, when I turned my back, they gossiped something about me that made me feel disrespected.” doctor Cuong remembered.

But the table was turned the moment he presented his topic at the conference. It was about the Plus anesthesia method in surgery. This procedure has many advantages to surgery as it brings no pain or complication to the patient.


Doctor Cuong stated that: “Those doctors that once disregarded me came to me and asked a lot of things about Plus, how to perform it, especially on the faulty nose, eyes, breast reconstruction surgeries. They were very surprised that Vietnam cosmetology has developed and innovated so much. This makes me, myself, as a doctor, a Vietnamese feels very proud.”

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong said that when he got invited to an event of such level, he questioned himself on how to let the cosmetic surgeons from around the world know about Vietnam’s cosmetology ability and be impressed with it. That was why, he brought to the conference cases of faulty noses, eyes, breasts. Cases that he performed throughout the years. These were very tough surgeries that required not only the skills and the experience of a doctor but also their dedication.

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And he had managed it. After that conference, many cosmetic surgeons from Korea, China, Singapore, India… Contacted him and wished to go to Vietnam to learn a thing or two from him. Right after the conference, some Korean doctors even booked a flight to Vietnam to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Some even recommended their relatives to let doctor Cuong perform surgery on them.

Other top Korean cosmetic surgeons like Prof – Dr. Park Yong Song had entrusted his eyes to doctor Cuong. After the surgery, Dr.Park looks 15 years younger, with no scars and a natural appearance (his eyes are still single eyelids – a traditional sign of a Korean) More than 10 doctors, cosmetic surgeons have registered to undergo surgeries by doctor Phung Manh Cuong.


“No surgery is too small or too big to me. Every single one of them is important

My goal is not profit, but rather how to make my patients look better. To fix a nose, eyes, breast… That went through many surgeries before, a doctor must not hustle or make a mistake. Because, to a doctor, it is just surgery, but to a patient, it is their life.

Our customers only need to believe in us for 1%, we will bring you the rest of it. Our doctors also want to bring the best to our patients. The happiness of our customers is our happiness and vice versa.



Ms. Ngoc said: “I’m very satisfied and grateful for doctor. Phung Manh Cuong – a cosmetic surgeon with both the skills and the heart. I would love to recommend all my friends and relatives to come and receive the best treatments at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital so that they all will have a beautiful face like me.”

Ms. Thuy Kieu complimented: “Doctor Phung Manh Cuong has saved my life. I don’t even know what else would I do hadn’t I met him. I hope that before having any intention to give yourself a makeover, make sure you choose a qualified and dedicated doctor like doctor Cuong.”


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