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Dimple Surgery Recovery Time? What Should You Avoid Eating?

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Many women questions the dimple surgery recovery time whenever they have the intention to have a dimple surgery. They are afraid that a long recovery will affect their daily life and social connection. Understanding the concerns of many, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital would like to answer all the queries about the dimpleplasty recovery time in this article below.

Dimple surgery recovery time

According to many beliefs, whoever has dimples is considered to be very charming and more attractive. Therefore, the dimple surgery procedure has invented in recent years to allow those unlucky enough to have them at birth can obtain gorgeous dimples every time they smile.

Dimpleplasty is the technique of forming the bond between the cheek’s skin and muscle, allowing the cheeks to form natural-looking dimples every time the muscle contracts.

Overall, dimpleplasty is a minor surgery that can be done under just 15 – 20 minutes of local anesthesia, giving the customers the option to return home immediately after the procedure without further resting. However, for the first 2 – 3 days after the surgery, the surgical area will be mildly swollen but tends to subside after some time.

So how long is the dimple surgery recovery? Normally, the cheeks will return to their normal state after 7 days, away from all the pain and irritation that they once had. In the third week, the final result of the satisfying dimples can be seen easily after the surgery.

However, as stated above, the dimple surgery recovery time and final results will depend on the body condition of each individual. Therefore, anyone who is too sensitive or smokes a lot will experience a longer recovery after dimpleplasty.

How long will the new dimples last?

Aside from the question about the dimple surgery recovery time, people also wonder about the longevity of the dimpleplasty. After the surgery, the dimples will have great depth to them, making them look unnatural, especially when the person speaks. After 2 – 3 weeks, the dimples will only show up when they smile with a reasonable depth and symmetrical look.

The Korean dimpleplasty surgery technique not only brings a great aesthetic look but also ensures the safety of the customers. In most cases, the result of the dimple surgery can last between 5 to 10 years, or even longer depends on the condition of each individual.

In addition, the post-operative care after the surgery like the diet or the routines also greatly affects the longevity of the dimples; therefore, this is also something you must keep in mind.

Thanks to the nowadays dimpleplasty technology, owning a “gifted” appearance has never been easier. More and more customers trust and choose this service to have themselves the most perfect and attractive cheeks to the eyes of the opposite.

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Diet after dimple surgery

After dimpleplasty, a reasonable diet is required:

  • Limit the consumption of hot, spicy, and acidic food like pepper or chili to avoid causing swelling and ulcus to the dimples areas. Additionally, you should also avoid eating sticky food as it tends to hold on to the teeth, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.
  • Avoid eating smelly food or seafood as they make the wound recover much slower.
  • Stop taking stimulants like coffee, beer, alcohol, etc.
  • Avoid eating allergic products.

cham soc tao ma lum

Diet and care during the dimple surgery recovery time

  • You must take antibiotics for a few days after the dimpleplasty to avoid getting an infection inside the cheeks.
  • You should drink plenty of water every day to purify the body and get rid of the food debris on the teeth naturally.
  • You are advised to eat soft and nutritious food like beans, milk, meat, eggs, vegetables, etc. that are made into soup.
  •  You have to regularly maintain oral sanitary using saline and get rid of food debris using dental floss.

In addition to all of the above, you must follow the exact guidance from the doctors and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled. The average dimple surgery recovery time is around 1 -2 weeks; during this time, you must follow the exact information provided above.

What should you eat during dimple surgery recovery time

The article above from Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has provided you with information about the dimple surgery recovery time, as well as other related knowledge. Dimpleplasty is a relatively easy procedure, however, it must be done by the hands of skillful experts to reduce the amount of time needed for the cheeks to recover. Therefore, you must find yourself a quality and reputable cosmetic facility to perform the surgery for you.

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