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Safe Dimple Surgery Procedure At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Korean cosmetic technology has developed so much that owning gorgeous dimples is no longer something out of reach. The technique of creating dimples has never been so simple. And today, Gangwhoo will explain to you the safe and quick dimple surgery procedure.

How dimples are created?

Dimples, in fact, are the flaw of the body and 90% of them are genetically formed. It is the bond between the smiling muscle and the skin that causes an area of the skin to sink every time someone smile. Based on this mechanism, the leading experts in Korea have researched successfully applied the technique of simple and safe dimple surgery procedures.

The surgeon will first make an incision inside the oral cavity. Cosmetic threads will then be used to create the connection between the cheek muscle and the skin at the predetermined region. After the surgery, every time someone smile, the muscle will contract and pull the skin inward to form gorgeous dimples. That is the dimple surgery procedure at Gangwhoo.

The safe dimple surgery procedure

The technique of creating dimple cheek is performed following the standard provided by the Ministry of Health. This technique consists of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Consultation

The doctor will diagnose the customer directly to understand their needs. After that, the physician will determine the exact position for the dimple to be appropriate and symmetrical to the face.

  • Step 2: Anesthesiazation 

Before the surgery can begin, the surgeon will sedate the cheek region to ensure that the patient will not feel any discomfort or pain.

  • Step 3: Dimple surgery

The surgeons will make use of the technique of attaching the cheek muscle and the skin by letting the threads go through the inside of the cheek and connect to the muscle under the skin. The threads will then secured so that they can create beautiful and natural dimples when the muscle contract.

  • Step 4: Post-operative care

Since the incision is made inside the oral mucosa, the wound is not exposed and requires no dressing. The customer can return home to rest immediately without needing any further monitoring.

What needs to be noticed after having a dimple surgery procedure

  • After the surgery, the cheek will be slightly swollen. However, the condition will soon subside. The customer is recommended to apply ice to the area for the first 1 – 2 days so that the region becomes less swollen.
  • Avoid causing any impact on the surgical area so that the final result can be formed quickly and stably.
  • Limit the consumption of chicken, need, glutinous products, and spicy food for the first week to keep the scars from appearing.
  • Eat food that is soft and high in nutrition like egg, milk, vegetables, beans which are made into soup for easy consumption.
  • Keep yourself from doing makeup on the cheek area for the first period after the surgery.
  • Maintain thorough oral sanitary and wash your mouth with saline to keep the cheeks from being infected.
  • Follow the guidance provided by the doctors. Take medications as prescribed and attend the follow-up appointments for the best final result.

A reputable facility for quality dimple surgery in Ho Chi Minh City

Many people misunderstand that dimple surgery is the same for everyone; however, according to the cosmetic experts at Gangwhoo – the most reputable and quality facility for dimple surgery at the moment – there are different types of dimple surgery:

  • For customers with round and chubby faces, our doctors suggest the rice grain dimple: This type of dimple is great in width and thus is placed near the mouth. This kind of face, although is suitable for all kinds of dimples, is best to go with rice grain dimples.
  • For clients with narrow and slim faces, our experts recommend the coin-shaped dimple: Customers with this type of face need smaller dimples near the mouth with less depth and size to them to make the face more harmonious.
  • For a patient with more rectangular faces, our specialists advise them to have long dimples: Long dimples help to make your face looks less rectangular. Additionally, the width and the depth of the dimples make the face looks slimmer.

You now know the answer to the dimple surgery procedure and a reputable facility for beautiful dimples. Coming to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you should not have any worries as Gangwhoo has experience in performing numerous dimple surgeries and is the best place for dimple surgery. Your charming dimple face is now just a few steps away from you. Come to Gangwhoo today so that our doctors can give you the most useful advice.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Although there are still many facilities that offer dimple surgery, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is no doubt the best choice in Ho Chi Minh City. We do not give our customers empty promises. Here are some of the advantages of doing surgery at Gangwhoo:

  • A standard dimple surgery medical procedure.
  • Performed by the best surgeons.
  • Lasting result.
  • Safe from complications.
  • Suitable dimples to the face.

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