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Diet for Pitted Scars Treatment – 7 Types of Food That You Should Avoid

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Our skin is very fragile as even a small amount of external force can damage it. This impact will leave scars on the skin, causing pitted scars or keloid depend on the skin condition of each person. Taking care of the wound or finding ways to treat the scars will never be enough because you will also need a diet for pitted scars treatment. So what should a diet for pitted scars treatment consist of? Let’s find out in the article below!

The causes of pitted scars

Pitted scars are formed because the structures of the fibroblast deep inside the follicles of the dermis are severed, making them unable to produce collagen, elastin, or protein. The skin loses its ability to naturally fill the tiny and disproportionate holes. These holes are called pitted scars. There are many reasons for the formation of pitted scars, including these 4 basic factors:

  • Pitted scars formed because of acne.
  • Pitted scars formed due to the accident.
  • Pitted scars formed after chickenpox.
  • Scars caused by surgery.
Diet for pitted scars treatment
Diet for pitted scars treatment

Diet for pitted scars treatment – What to avoid!

1. Eggs

  • When the wound is healing and new skin are formed, eggs must not be eaten.
  • The compositions of eggs will produce collagen, causing scars because the new skin is formed much faster.
  • The new skin is very thin. Therefore, eating eggs will make this skin region to be lighter and spread.

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2. Chicken

This product is known for its nutritious nature as it contains lots of protein, making us believe that chicken is amazing in treating wounds and scars.

However, you are completely mistaken because chicken is among the food that will never be on the diet for pitted scars treatment. Eating chicken, especially chicken skin, will lead to skin inflammation, making the scars much harder to treat. Please keep chicken away from your diet for pitted scars treatment!

thit ga

3. Water spinach

For a long time, water spinach has always been the number one food to avoid when having pitted scars. Eating water spinach will make the skin generate excess collagen, making the scars look less aesthetic.

rau muong

4. Seafood

Like water spinach, seafood is a product that is placed on the “blacklist”.

They can generate collagen very quickly. You should pay close attention not to eat any seafood when having your wound healed.

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5. Fish sauce

Although this is a very familiar ingredient in our daily life, the fish sauce contains lots of protein that can itch the new skin. The collagen fibrous tissues are hardly able to fill the scar holes. Therefore, if you have a scarring disorder, you should avoid having fish sauce, especially when the wound is still healing. Instead of fish sauce, you can use salt as an alternative.

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6. Glutinous products

Glutinous products are forbidden in any diet for pitted scars treatment. The majority of them are cakes like rice cake, donuts, etc. They have hot nature and can create pus on the wound. Therefore, you should not eat glutinous products when having pitted scars.

do nep

7. Red meat

This is one of the food that you should not put in your diet for pitted scars treatment. Red meat contains a lot of protein, making the collagen fibers unregulated. There will be skin regions with excess skin cells while others lack them, causing concave scars. It is best that you avoid all red meat like goat meat, beef, etc. Pork is a good option to use instead during this time.

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With these products, you must have known about what not to have in your diet for pitted scars treatment. But what if you do everything right but still get scarring? Check out the following content to find out about the effective pitted scars treatment.

You should not eat beef when having open wound
You should not eat beef when having an open wound

What to remember when having an open wound to avoid pitted scars?

In addition to the diet for pitted scars treatment, you should also keep the following rules in mind to prevent pitted scars when having an open wound.

1. Treat the wound properly

The intrusion of bacterial is the main reason that leads to inflammation and the difficulty to reattach the damaged tissues. Therefore, you should treat your wound immediately after it was created. Patch it, sterile it, etc. If the injury is too big to be treated, you should head to a hospital immediately to have the best treatment.

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2. Take good care of the wound

  • You must keep the wound clean by sterilizing it with saline or standardized medicine.
  • Wash your hand carefully before changing the dressing.
  • Abstain from touching the wound or letting water get into the wound as it can cause infection and scarring.
  • Follow the instruction of the doctors to allow the wound to heal faster.

3. Avoid direct contact with the sun

Sunlight will deeply affect the new skin tissues, creating dark spots.

4. Avoid stretching or pulling the wound

Do not cause any pressure or stretch the wound that is healing because the scars will become much more difficult to treat.

How to treat pitted scars effectively?

Aside from taking proper care and having suitable diet for pitted scars treatment, you should also have the scars treated somewhere reputable.

The doctors at Gangwhoo believe that scarring is permanent skin damages and is very difficult to be treated, especially big scars that have been around for a long time.

However, thanks to the development of modern medicine, pitted scars can be treated up to 95% with proper treatment.

The doctors at Gangwhoo will propose the most optimal treatment for each individual case.

In addition, to achieve the best skin therapy outcome, the doctor will create a personalized treatment regime for each client.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has been keeping our skin dermatology department updated to ensure the best results.

It can be seen that Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has been treating multiple cases of pitted scars with different levels of severity. You can check out their before and after having in-depth pitted scars treatment at the facility.seo ro lom

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