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Diet For Pitted Scars Therapy

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Do you know that by supplementing enough protein and minerals inside of nutritious food, your skin cells can heal much faster to fill the pitted scars? Today, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will tell you the diet for pitted scars therapy for you to make good use of!

What are the causes of pitted scars?

Pitted scars are formed due to numerous reasons. It can either because of your improper skincare, causing pimples, papules, and skin damages; or due to burns or traumas. On the bright side, having pitted scars means that your body healing function is still operational.

In theory, pitted scars are caused due to the lack and the severing of the elastin and collagen bonds. For this reason, the skin surface cannot absorb adequate nutrients, causing the skin regions to slope and tiny disproportionate holes to form in the hypodermis of the skin.

Therefore, the supplementation of certain types of food will help the connection of the cells to be tightened. In addition, it also promotes the generation and the healing of the wound, making the skin elastic and firm. This is why a diet for pitted scars therapy is very much needed.

In general, pitted scars will hardly heal to their original skin shape. However, therapies like micro-needling and subcision and a certain diet for pitted scars therapy can help recover 70-80% of the normal condition. Let’s find out what should you eat to “fill” your pitted scars!

Diet for pitted scars therapy
Diet for pitted scars therapy

Diet for pitted scars therapy

1. Food that is rich in Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that prevents inflammation and improves the immune system inside our body. For that reason, when having pitted scars, you should consume food with this nutrient more so that the skin can heal quickly.

Additionally, Zinc can also suppress the radicals inside our body, preventing the skin from becoming deteriorated.

If you are injured, having Zinc will also help fight back the bacteria and inflammation and promote the healing of the pitted scars and dark spots. The lack of Zinc is also the reason why the skin is vulnerable to bacteria, causing pore clogs that lead to pimples.

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There are many ways to provide Zinc for the body but the most simple and convenient one is through our everyday meals. Some products that contain lots of Zinc are spinach, broccoli, certain types of mushroom, beans, corn, almonds, etc.

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2. Food that is beneficial for blood

What is a diet for pitted scars therapy? Instead of questioning around, you should have more food that is beneficial for blood in your daily meals like milk, beef, eggs, liver, dark-green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, etc. These are all the products that can do a lot of good for your blood.

As red blood cells help to deliver nutrients like minerals, protein, oxygen, etc. all over the body, by improving your blood, your cells will be improved, healed, and recovered to deal with the condition of the pitted scars.

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3. Food that is rich in vitamin C

When talking about a diet for pitted scars therapy, dermatologists believe that food with vitamin C enrichment is necessary to the cell regenerations of the body. Vitamin C can improve the immune system to prevent infection and promote the healing process of the new skin layer, filling up the pitted scars effectively.

Products that have a lot of vitamin C include:

  • Common guava, kiwi, pitaya, and strawberries.
  • Citrus like orange, lime, lemon, and pomelo.
  • Dark-green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc.

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4. Food that is rich in Omega 3

With the ability to supplement essential oxygen to the pitted scars regions, Omega 3 can aid the regeneration of Collagen to fill the flaws of the face. In addition, this nutrient will help the skin to be more smooth and tight.

You can get lots of Omega 3 out of fish like tuna, salmon, or vegetables like pennywort, broccoli, chia seeds, etc. Some herbs like basil or Vietnamese balm also contain lots of Omega 3.

In addition to having more of these products, you should avoid having spicy and hot food, alcohol, and stimulants like coffee, tea, or cigarettes to allow the pitted scars to be treated faster.

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Advice from doctors on pitted scars therapy

Aside from giving out the best diet for pitted scars therapy, the dermatologists at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also give out some suggestions for you to aid your pitted scars therapy.

  • When having specialized pitted scars treatment, the patient must follow the instruction from the doctors.
  • Drink plenty of water as it can support blood circulation and promote the healing of the wound.
  • Build a logical diet with the food given above. Natural ingredients are the best and safest way to treat pitted scars.
  • Perform daily skincare with suitable products and protect the skin from being scratched or damaged.
  • Have a scientific lifestyle with enough sleep and work.
  • Maintain a positive mind, away from all the anxiety and stress.
  • Actively seek out specialized medical facilities for advice on the most fitting pitted scars therapy.

These are the types of products that can help to fill up the pitted scars swiftly for a smoother skin tone. We hope what we share can help you to build a diet for pitted scars therapy on your daily meals. The best of luck with your skin therapy and treatments!

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