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How long does it take to diet after breast augmentation? 8 Tips From The Doctor

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How long for diet after breast augmentation? – Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital answered.

Today, owning sexy breasts must always be an indisputable advantage for women. However, there are many people who after successful breast augmentation forget about the need to diet to avoid complications. So how long does it take to diet after the breast augmentation? Now let’s find out together!

how long does it take to diet after breast augmentation?
how long does it take to diet after breast augmentation?


The question “how long does it take to diet after breast augmentation?” is no longer a source of worry. Right now, let’s find out what is the reason why women need to abstain from breast augmentation? That is:

Limit complications

Overcoming complications (if any) is very difficult. It’s the same with everything, and breast augmentation surgery is no exception – it’s something that can be easily noticed.

So in this case, abstinence to avoid complications after breast augmentation is extremely important. Accordingly, you need to strictly follow the post-operative care regimen to avoid the risk of complications such as swelling, fibrous capsule, festering or inflammation, …

Speed up the recovery process

In addition to the factor of nutrition and hygiene, exercise … according to the doctor’s advice, the strict implementation of the abstinence regime to avoid unexpected incidents, is also an important factor. It is extremely important for the recovery process to be promoted as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Avoid leaving bad scars

People choose to have plastic surgery to enhance their beauty, so leaving bad scars (often called cosmetic counterproductive) after surgery is something that no one wants – something that no one wants. This is for sure. So, how long to diet after breast augmentation? It’s no longer a headache, in this case, we recommend that you take the correct postoperative care according to your doctor’s advice for the best recovery.


Meal plan

The question “how long do diet after breast augmentation?” is quickly resolved. Absolutely, after breast augmentation, the following foods that are easy to poison and leave scars are the things you need to avoid most. In order can be mentioned as water spinach, chicken, beef, sticky rice, seafood, egg white… However, you also need to avoid stimulants and alcoholic beverages such as tobacco, wine, and beer. …

Sports activities

In the first few days after breast augmentation, one thing you need to pay attention to is avoiding vigorous exercise or doing heavy work – which has a direct impact on your breasts. This will help blood circulation take place quickly, as well as for the breast implant to quickly adapt to the body.

Having sex

Another thing to avoid is that for a few weeks after breast augmentation you need to abstain from sex. Especially, it is not allowed to cause a direct impact on the breast augmentation area to avoid the situation leading to unwanted damage.

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For about 1 month after surgery, customers need to strictly follow a diet because this is the time it takes for the wound to heal as well as for the breast implant to be able to adapt to the body. In case you are still worried about anything, you can directly contact (Hotline: 0901 666 879), to get the top expert doctors of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for further advice.


Wear a compression garment.

Wearing compression garments exactly as directed by the doctor is always a very important factor in helping the breast implant quickly be covered by cells to become adaptive to the body. Besides, it also helps you avoid the effects that will lead to unwanted damage.

Keep breast area always clean

You need to change the bandage and clean the breast area thoroughly and disinfect it with cotton. It is also important to take the medicine for the exact amount of time prescribed by the doctor. To avoid breast area infection, poison.

Go to bed before 10 o’clock

The observance of sleeping before 10 pm is a very necessary factor for any person, so in the case of those who are in post-breast augmentation care, it will certainly be even more important. Strictly following a scientific sleep regimen is a very important factor to help your recovery process take place in the best way.

Go to your doctor’s appointment on time

One thing that you certainly must not forget, is the appointment of a follow-up appointment as advised by the doctor. The re-examination is an essential element for the doctor to closely monitor the recovery process as well as to recognize the instability (if any) of the wound on your body so that timely decisions can be made regarding treatment.

No collision, scratching the breast area

Touching, scratching, or pressing on the breast area right after surgery is also something you need to avoid – because it can cause a hematoma and bleeding … which prolongs your recovery.

Do not exercise and play sports

To worry about “how long after breast augmentation to fast?” is quickly resolved, the strong exercise, as well as a sport need to be temporarily put on hold!

A full complement of nutrients

In addition to seriously avoiding the foods mentioned above, you also need to pay attention to eating enough nutrients. These are proteins found in pork, fish (except for fish with spines such as catfish, pangasius, basa…) eggs, milk… accompanied by fruits and vegetables, and eat a lot of vegetables (except water spinach). Eating enough nutrients will help your recovery process after breast augmentation take place quickly and most effectively

Using ice packs as an effective solution to reduce pain

In the first 2 days, you need to apply cool compresses by hand and put a layer of clean gauze to separate the pack from the surface of the skin to avoid causing thermal burns. From the 4th day onwards, you can apply a warm compress, the effect of which will help reduce swelling, pain, bruising…

If you have any further questions, you can directly contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for further advice from leading experts in aesthetics:

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Be sure to remember carefully that successfully performing breast augmentation for each of us is always a great thing. However, you also need to pay attention to surgical care. To the question of “how long does it take to diet after breast augmentation?” will no longer be a problem.

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