Dentures Reinstall and Recovery

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The dentures reinstall and recovery method gives aesthetic to your dentures, improves chewing function without invading and affecting other teeth. This method is considered the safest and simplest method that is suitable for most customers.

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Reinstall and Recover Dentures

Tooth loss, snagged-tooth, gap-toothed…badly affect your appearance and how you communicate and eat every day. Nowadays, with advanced and developed dentistry technology, the reinstall and recovery method for dentures has become easier than ever. The reinstall and recovery method is the most popular thanks to the reasonable price, simple technique, and good results.

What are the dentures reinstall and recovery methods?

Dentures Reinstall and recovery is a dental correction method that uses a mold resembling natural gum tissues, inside there are dentures made from plastic or porcelain. When you wear this mold, your dentures would look as beautiful as a natural denture.

Because the mold was designed specifically for each customer so the number of false teeth will be the same as the lost teeth. After installing the dentures and filling in the gaps, the chewing function would be ensured.

The reinstall and reinstall and recovery (dentures) method is considered safe, simple, painless and non-swelling, and easy to clean. Thus this method is often applied to the elderly.

The advantages of dentures reinstall and recovery

Improve dental problems

The reinstall and recovery (dentures) method helps cover dental defects, realigns teeth, and ensures chewing function. Your dentures will have bright and natural colors.

Safe and easy to replace

The dentures are made from plastic or metallic authorized by The Ministry of Health, which ensures the safety and benign. They are easy to replace and compatible with the jawbone, hence they would not affect the surrounding gum and tissue area.

Ensure chewing function

The dentures are designed according to each customer’s bite marks, which guarantees real feelings while eating.

Easy to remove for cleaning

Compared to the dental implant method, this technique makes it easier for you to do a daily toothbrush, especially when you want to get rid of food crumbs, bacterias to prevent dental diseases.

Quick, painless, and non-swelling procedure

This method does not include surgical intervention so the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The dentures are designed in a short time thanks to advanced equipment. After the procedure, the customer can come back to normal life without having to rest.

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Reasonable price

Compared to other dental methods, this technique is considered suitable for most customers at a reasonable price.

The dentures reinstall and recovery procedure

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the reinstall and recovery (dentures) procedure follows these steps:

  • Step 1: The doctor will examine the customer’s current dental condition regarding tooth loss, snagged tooth… Then the doctor will scan the jawbone to understand the structure and give a suitable method.
  • Step 2: Clean and sterilize the oral cavity to eliminate bacteria and food crumbs. This step is to prevent oral infection.
  • Step 3: Measuring the jaw frame, the positions for the dentures as well as getting the bite marks. This information will be transferred to the Labo room to design the most compatible dentures.
  • Step 4: After the dentures are finished, the doctor shall install them in the right positions so the customer can move their jaw freely.
  • Step 5: The customer will be instructed on how to care for their dentures at home.

Dentures reinstall and recovery price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service Price Discounted price
Vietnamese Plastic Dentures 300,000/ each
American/Japanese Plastic Dentures 500,000/ each
Composite Dentures 700,000/ each
Porcelain Crown Dentures 1,000,000/ each
Ceramic Dentures (Good) 3,000,000/ half denture
Flexible Dentures (Normal) 2,000,000/ denture
Metallic Dentures (Normal) 2,500,000/ denture
Metallic Dentures (Titanium) 3,500,000/ denture
Dentures Attachment (Titanium Or Chromium) 4,000,000/ denture
Dentures Attachment (Attached With Porcelain Dentures) 2,000,000/ denture

Why should you choose reinstall and recovery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

A lot of customers have trusted and chosen the reinstall and recovery (dentures) method at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Gangwhoo is highly evaluated by experts thanks to the following criteria:

– The team of doctors with high expertise that understand deeply the jawbone structure and dental methods nowadays. The doctors were trained and practicing domestically and abroad for the best cosmetics result.

– Modern facilities and state-of-the-art machinery system. In addition, Gangwhoo constantly updates the latest cosmetics technology in the world.

– The reinstall and recovery (dentures) procedure is carried out in a closed and sterile room. Safety must be guaranteed in every step of the procedure for the best result.

– The staffs show friendliness, politeness, and care to every customer. The customer service shows high quality and dedication to the customers.


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