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Dentistry Services Price List Updated 2022

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Dentistry services are becoming more and more concerned by many people in terms of price, they tend to look for the latest price list. However, many dental clinics or dental centers offer different prices for dental services and confuse the customer. let’s find out through the article below!

Dentistry Service Price List Newly Updated
Dentistry Service Price List Newly Updated


Every day, there are quite plenty of customers who contact Gnagwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and express their concerns about the price list of dentistry services such as the teeth whitening service, teeth braces, ceramic dentures as well as other services…

you should know that dentistry service prices can be different at other places mainly because of the brand and the service quality (dentist’s qualification, machinery systems,…)

Notes: The price lists below only represent for reference, you will have direct consultation and examination from doctors before undergoing treatment. In addition, the dentistry service price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital may change depending on each case.

Dental Implant Pricelist

The dental implant is the best dental replacement, recovery technique for broken teeth nowadays and this service is quite costly.

Prime (Staumann – German or Nobel Mỹ)35.000.0001 post
Normal ( Jt – Italy or Dentium – Korea20.000.0001 post
Bone Attachment5.000.0001 tooth
Periosteal Implant3.000.0001 tooth
Titan Porcelain Denture Implant5.000.0001 tooth
Upper Porcelain Denture Implant8.000.0001 tooth

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Dentistry Service Price List - Dental Implant
Dentistry Service Price List – Dental Implant

Reinstall and recover dentures price list

Reinstall and Recover Dentures is a dental method that uses a pair of dentures to replace broken teeth, cracked teeth, or gap tooth…to make your teeth look more aligned, natural, and more aesthetic.

SOLID DENTURES (Vietnam Plastic Denture)300.0001 răng
SOLID DENTURES (America or Japan plastic denture)500.0001 răng
SOLID DENTURES (Composite Denture)7000001 răng
SOLID DENTURES (Ceramic Denture)1.000.0001 răng
FLEXIBLE DENTURES (Advanced)3.000.0001 hàm
FLEXIBLE DENTURES (Normal)2.000.0001 hàm
METAL DENTURES (Normal)2.500.0001 hàm
METAL DENTURES (Titanium)3.500.0001 hàm
ATTACHMENT DENTURES (Titanium or Crom material)4.000.0001 hàm
ATTACHMENT DENTURES (Implanted with the fixed porcelain dentures)2.000.0001 hàm

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Dentistry Service Price List - Reinstall and Recover Dentures
Dentistry Service Price List – Reinstall and Recover Dentures

Porcelain Dental Crown Price List

The Porcelain Dental Crown method helps form a stable, and strong denture, the porcelain crown is designed based on the real size and form. The porcelain crown dentures method involves covering the broken teeth, cracked teeth, gap teeth and make them brighter, more aligned, and natural.

Verneer denture5,000,0001 tooth
Thin Verneer_transparent7,000,0001 tooth
Metal Ceramic1,500,0001 tooth
Titanium Ceramic2,500,0001 tooth
Zirconia Ceramic5,000,0001 tooth
Ceron Ceramic6,000,0001 tooth
Ceron HT Ceramic6,500,0001 tooth
LAVA Ceramic7,000,0001 tooth
INLAY_ONLAY Ceramic5,000,0001 tooth
Metal Denture700,0001 tooth
Titanium Fullmetal Denture2,000,0001 tooth
Metal Post500,0001 tooth
Carbon Post1,000,0001 tooth
Metal Dental Bridge500,0001 tooth
Titanium Dental Bridge1,500,0001 tooth
Zirconia Porcelain Dental Bridge3,000,0001 tooth
Temporary Crown100,0001 tooth
Installment Porcelain Crown Dentures at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Installment Porcelain Crown Dentures at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Dental Correction – Bracing Price List

Dental correction or also known as the bracing method, this method involves using special dental kits to realign the positions of the overbite teeth, underbite teeth, crooked teeth, gap-tooth,…and make them more aligned and natural.

K_Line Invisalign (German)50,000,000 – 120,000,000
Metal Bracket25,000,000 – 40,000,000
Porcelain Bracket40,000,000 – 60,000,000
Retainer41,000,000 – 60,000,000
Dentistry Service Price List - Dental Bracing
Dentistry Service Price List – Dental Bracing

Gum disease treatment price list

Tartar removal and teeth whitening are the two most popular dental methods at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. At Gangwhoo, we ensure painless dental procedure that causes no effect to the enamel, ensures efficiency, and prevents dental diseases.

Tartar Removal & Teeth Lightening for Adult200,000 – 400,000
Tartar Removal & Teeth Lightening for Children100,000
Pericoronitis Treatment200,0001 tooth
Periodontal Scaling200,0001tooth
Dentistry Service Price List - Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening
Dentistry Service Price List – Tartar Removal & Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening price list

The teeth whitening method helps get rid of yellow teeth, teeth discoloration…and make your teeth shine bright again. This dental method is suitable for everyone.

Teeth Lightening with Led or Laser2,500,00060 minutes/course
Teeth Lightening at home with Invisalign1,500,0003 tubes + piece
Teeth Whitening Strip500,0002 pieces
Tẩy Trắng Răng - Bảng Giá Nha Khoa
Dentistry Service Price List – Teeth Whitening

Dental filling price list

Dental filling involves completely improve tooth decay, cracked tooth, tooth cavity…as well as prevent dental diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis… The price of dental filling may change depending on the condition of the teeth.

Cosmetic Filling300,000 – 500,0001 tooth
Fuji Filling500,000 – 700,0001 tooth
Tooth Surface Filling500,000 – 700,0001 tooth
Milk Tooth Filling100,0001 tooth
Dentistry Price List of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Dentistry Price List of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Root Canal Treatment (endoscopic dentistry) Price List

Foot Canal Treatment (Endoscopic Method) involves treating and completely removing the damaged root canal, then performing a dental filling to fill the root. This method will help prevent bacteria, inflammation, and teeth health.

Milk Tooth200,000 – 300,0001 tooth
Single-rooted Tooth ( front and canine tooth)800,000 – 1,000,0001 tooth
Multi-rooted Tooth (denture)1,500,000 – 2,000,0001 tooth
Root Treatment200,000 – 3,000,0001 tooth
Apicoectomy & Filling3,000,0001 tooth

Tooth extraction price list

Tooth extraction is a technique every dentist can perform, they will use special kits to remove a broken tooth, weak tooth, hyperdontia.

Milk Tooth RemovalFREE
Root Extraction300,000 – 500,0001 tooth
Loose Permanent Tooth500,0001 tooth
Simple Permanent Tooth Removal700,0001 tooth
Hard Permanent Tooth Removal1,000,000 – 1,500,0001 tooth
Minor Surgery2,000,000 – 4,000,000 1 tooth

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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital hopes the detailed information about the dentistry services price list in this article will be useful to our customers.

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