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Create Mouth Corner Dimples With Just 15 Minutes Of Procedure

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20 – 25% of people with dimples are those with mouth corner dimples. Due to the hidden charm of these features and the belief in luck in physiognomy that many want to have themselves the mouth corner dimples. Nowadays, in just 15 minutes of dimpleplasty using Korean technology, you can have the most beautiful and most natural dimples. Let’s take a look at the way to create mouth-corner dimples now.

Mouth corner dimples – The unique charm point

Mouth corner dimples are a special type of dimples that are right next to the corner of the mouth. These, although are considered to be facial defects, help to create a charming look and unique impression of each person. However, not many people have themselves mouth corners dimples, making people with these features very lucky individuals.

Among all the types of dimples, the mouth corner dimples are the easiest to notice because:

  • The location: The mouth corner dimples, as the name suggested, are close to the mouth corners. Therefore, even the slightest movement of the face muscle can cause dimples to appear.
  • The shape: Mouth corner dimples are round, small, and deeper than the cheek dimples. The mouth corner dimples will help the face to be more charming compares to the cheek dimples.
  • They not only highlight the unique features of the appearance but also have many different meanings about the characteristics, the love life, and the career path according to the physiognomy.
How to create mouth corner dimples
How to create mouth corner dimples

How meaningful are mouth-corner dimples to our everyday lives?

Pursuant to the belief from the West, mouth corner dimples are the unique sign of Venus protection. They are marked to always receive protection when they reincarnate. Therefore, people with mouth-corner dimples are those with beautiful and attractive appearances. In addition, they also tend to run into luck many times in their lives, love, or careers.

Because of that legend, many believe that having mouth corner dimples is very valuable for one’s feng shui. That is why many want to have very natural and charming mouth corner dimples.

With the development of cosmetic technology and its great potential in the future, mouth-corner dimpleplasty has become so much easier, especially with the technique to create mouth-corner dimples studied below.


Create mouth corner dimples in just 15 minutes

Due to the aesthetic and luck benefits, the mouth corner dimples provide that many boys and girls want to have themselves this charming feature. And as mentioned above, thanks to the innovation of nowadays technique that creating mouth corner dimples has never been more simple.

Thanks to Korean technology, dimpleplasty can now be done precisely and quickly in just 15 minutes. The mouth corner dimples will have natural beauty and leave no sign of cosmetic intervention.

The advantages of mouth corner dimple surgery technology:

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  • Give the customer gorgeous dimples in just 15 minutes.
  • Have a precise, non-invasive technique that leaves no scar.
  • Offer quick recovery and lasting results.


How to create mouth corner dimples:

First, the surgeon will inspect the patient directly and mark the locations of the dimples near the mouth corners that still guarantee a symmetrical look of the face. Depends on the need and the desire of the customers that the dimples can be made on one or both sides.

The client will be under local anesthesia to limit the amount of pain and irritation while still staying awake during the entire mouth corner dimpleplasty. The surgeon will use self-consumption threads to attach the skin and the muscle so that every time the person smiles, the muscle will contract, pulling the skin inward and creating the sunken areas that illustrate the mouth corner dimples.

In fact, the technique used to create mouth corner dimples are very simple and requires no surgery, limiting the amount of invasion and incision needed while still offering maximum safety. You will not have to take some time off for recovery and can get back to work right after.

Each step of the procedure be taken place inside the oral cavity, keeping the dimples as natural and lasting as possible; therefore, you won’t have to worry about any ugly scars.


The great advantages of the mouth corner dimple surgery technique at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

  • Bring about the beautiful and natural dimples that are harmonious to the face, bringing a charming smile, adorable look, and much luck.
  • Performed by experienced and skillful doctors, who are trained and studied in countries with advanced cosmetic industries like Korea or America.
  • Involves the updated technology from Korea in which the procedure will be done inside the oral cavity to keep the signs of cosmetic interference from exposing the skin, leaving no scar, or creating irritating sensations.
  • Use fine dissolvable cosmetic threads that are imported directly from Korea.
  • Offer lasting results without needing any time for recovery or post-operative care.


At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we will create mouth corner dimples for you in just 15 minutes thanks to the advanced Korean technique. Therefore, owning yourself the natural dimples will no longer be a difficult problem anymore.

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