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Create Dimples At Home – The Most Simple Methods

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Many wonder how to get the natural and charming dimples like others. To know the answer to this question, let’s take a look at the simple and easy method to create dimples at home in just 5 minutes of making.

What are dimples?

Dimples are the sunken areas that appear on the cheek every time someone smiles. These, in fact, are the congenital flaws of the face. They can appear on both sides of the cheeks, only one side, or next to the mouth corners. Dimples can help to make the face to be more adorable, charming, and attractive whenever the person smiles.

The simple methods to create dimples at home

The ways to create dimples at home are very easy, simple, and effective. Let’s find out how many techniques are there to create dimples at home:

1. Use bottle caps to creates dimples.

Based on the experience of som, using bottle caps is a very effective method of forming dimples. However, for this technique to work, you must maintain oral sanitary. The process is pretty simple as you will only need a random bottle cap (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) that is thoroughly cleaned.

You then place the cap inside the oral cavity, squeeze your cheeks tightly and keep that position for around 5 minutes. This can be done daily to give the desirable outcome. After some time, the cheeks will start showing signs of sunken areas that look like dimples.

2. Massage to form rice grain dimples at home

For creating dimples at home using massage, you will only need to do the 3 simples steps below:

  • Step 1: To train the cheeks to be sunken, you will need to take a marble or something small and round and press it against the cheeks. You then continue to suck your cheeks inward.
  • Step 2: You put pressure on the sunken area (that was formed in step 1) and remove the marble. Use your hands to press the sunken part gently (you can use the tail of the pencil to press for 5 minutes).
  • Step 3: Continue to hold and use the tip of the finger to press the dimples lightly. This action should be done continuously for 20 minutes to let the dimples form on the cheeks. Release your fingers and smile to view your small dimples on the cheeks.

3. Makeup to creates dimples at home

Makeup is a simple trick to form dimples at home without the need for surgery. With just 3 following steps, you will have yourself the beautiful dimples.

  • Step 1: You must choose proportionate positions on the cheeks by placing 2 pointy fingers on the cheeks in front of the mirrors to determine where the dimples will form.
  • Step 2: Next, you will need to use brown eyeliner to draw verticle lines where the dimples will be.
  • Step 3: For the final step, you will carefully use a small brush or the tip of a finger to gently rub the areas so that the small and blurry dimples will be formed on the cheeks.

As the result, you will have beautiful and natural dimples without the need for any surgical intervention. If the person in front of you is not someone with the “hawk eyes”, you will never be able to notice that your dimples are made using makeup.

Create dimples at home

Creating dimples using a cosmetic procedure

Compare to the other method of creating dimples at home, a surgical technique will surely give out better results. Dimpleplasty is not something too difficult as it will only take 15 minutes of operation to create charming and beautiful dimples.

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Dimple surgery is something that is very popular and loved by many. This modern technique is very simple, painless, and lasting.

Based on the technique of creating natural dimples, the surgeons will form a bond between the skin and the cheeks’ muscle so that every time the person talks or smiles, the sunken areas will appear.

In addition, the dimpleplasty technique will be performed based on the individual’s facial ratio. Therefore, the created dimples will have reasonable depth, a natural look, and no sign of cosmetic interference.

The process of dimples forming is completely painless as before the procedure, the surgeons will apply an anesthetic to relieve the patient from all the pain and irritation.

Moreover, thanks to the meticulous calculation and measurement that the dimples will be symmetrical, harmonious, and scar-less. Thus this is the most effective method of creating dimples with lasting results for you to consider.

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With the information above, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has introduced to you how to create dimples at home. We hope that you can now choose the most suitable method for you. If you are interested in the makeover services at Gangwhoo, call our hotline at 0901.666.879 to receive immediate consultation today!

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