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Top 10 Cream Products for Treating Pitted Scars Nowadays

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Having pitted scars is the most concerning problem for those who want to have a flawless facial appearance. Therefore, good pitted scar treatment is essential for them. Understanding this concern, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall provide the list of top 10 cream products for pitted scars treatment nowadays.


Pitted scars are concave areas that appear on the skin. These concave areas are quite deep and vary in size and shape. The cause of pitted scars is the damaged dermis, which causes elastin and collagen to be damaged.

It is estimated that 90% of people with acne shall develop pitted scars if left untreated. It is also due to improper acne squeezing or improper treatment of pitted scars.

The pitted scars caused by acne are usually divided into 3 types: boxcar scars 20% – 30%, rolling scars 15% – 25%, icepick scars 60% – 70%.

Boxcar scars: They are a larger size than the icepick scars, and more concave than the surface of the skin. They occur when acne is inflamed, the skin is severely damaged, and there is a loss of collagen in the skin.

Icepick scars: They resemble pores that are larger and deeper than the surface of the skin, they are narrower and deeper than other types of scars. These icepick scars are common in the skin that has acne, they are black, cracked, hard, or tender. Using medicines or traditional methods is not effective!

Rolling scars: These scars are quite large and resemble keloid scars, with wavy shapes. This type of scar usually occurs in wide rows on the skin. When the skin severely infected, the tissue under the skin will form fibrous fibers. Therefore, it causes wavy shapes on the skin.

All kinds of pitted scars are big nightmares for lots of people, which affects their appearance, causes low self-esteem. Nowadays, although there is no method or treatment that can completely cure pitted scars, it is still possible to stimulate collagen production using essence, microneedles to treat pitted scars, or lasers treatment, etc. for different types of scars.

Cream products for pitted scars treatment
Cream products for pitted scars treatment

1. Scar Esthetique Scar Cream

Scar Esthetique scar cream is a product researched and developed by the famous Atlantic Medical Products Corporation in the US, founded in 1988. Currently, it is a famous brand of scar treatment products around the world.

Scar Esthetique scar cream from the very first day of its release has received a lot of attention. The product is not only loved by customers but also highly appreciated by many dermatologists for its use. It can heal and improve quickly the damage on the skin surface, Scar Esthetique scar cream can be your choice for treating pitted scars, dark scars.

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Scar Esthetique

2. Gentamicin cream of Japan

Gentamicin cream is a product known as the super scar treatment, which is used a lot in hospitals prescribed by a doctor. Gentamicin cream helps regenerate skin for pitted scars quickly, making the skin surface smooth.

Gentamicin cream is at the top of scar treatment products thanks to its ability to heal scars quickly, safely, and effectively. The product is always in the acne treatment regimen of spas throughout Japan.

Gentamicin cream has all the ingredients that can heal the pitted scars. Gentamicin interferes with the regeneration of scar tissue, helps to balance collagen production, and effectively protects the skin.

The product cream has the main ingredient is sulfate – an antibiotic of gentamicin that kills bacteria, prevents wounds from spreading, and stimulates skin regeneration and scar healing.


3. Scar Rejuvasil cream for keloid scars

In addition to Scar Esthetique cream, Scar Rejuvasil is also a big name of Atlantic Medical Products Corporation. Scar Rejuvasil cream specializes in treating and preventing the development of hypertrophic scars, concave scars, surgical scars, accident scars, etc.

97% of Scar Rejuvasil is medical silicone extracted using the most advanced technology in the US. Therefore, the scarred skin area will be prevented from losing water and bacterial invasion while still being able to ensure oxygen contact with the skin. In particular, Rejuvasil cream can shrink fibroblasts and collagen, which makes keloid scars smaller.

Kem tri seo Rejuvasil

4. Hiruscar Post Acne cream

Hiruscar Post Acne is produced by Hiruscar, one of the most famous brands in Europe specializing in developing skin care products and scars treatment. 

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Hiruscar Post Acne has main ingredients including Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Allium Cepa Bulb Extract, MPS compound, Pionin, … and other ingredients such as Allium Cepa Bulb Extract, Water (aqua), PPG-26-Buteth- 26, Sorbeth-30, and Carbomer, Quatemium-73 (Pionin), PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, lodopropynyl butylcarbarmate, Fragrance (flavoring) and DMDM hydantoin, Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharide, MPS), Sodium Hydroxide, Allantoin.

kem tri seo hiruscar post acne

5. Contractubex cream

Contractubex is a German cream for pitted scar treatment, it is used to improve the condition of scars on the skin, especially used to treat pitted scars. In addition, this is a pitted scar treatment gel, which is highly evaluated by many experts for its effectiveness and trusted by customers.

Contractubex cream for piited scar treatment can greatly improve the condition of scars. In particular, if it is applied to new wounds, it shall prevent scar formation effectively. With old scars, keloid scars, you must persistently use this cream product to achieve good results.

Contractubex 1

6. Mederma Advanced cream

Mederma Advanced cream is a pitted scar treatment product from America that has been clinically proven to soften the scars and improve their texture.

The gel is easily absorbed. When using Mederma Advanced, you can still wear makeup normally, it only takes 5 minutes for the cream to be absorbed. Although it is effective for treating pitted scars, it still cannot be used for sensitive skin. Because it can cause swelling, itching, burning, …

kem tri seo mederma advanced scar

7. Scar Z Solution cream

This is a pitted scar cream of Mentholatum company with 100% natural ingredients combined and active ingredients to help fade scars effectively.

Scar Z Solution is exclusively made from a formula of Japanese Rohto, the ingredient is extracted from 1% centella combined with Allantoin, Collaplus, Vitamins B3, C, E to help inhibit the proliferation of irritated cells due to being injured and smooth the scar.

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scar z

8. Nacurgo Gel

Nacurgo Gel is the best cream for pitted scar treatment nowadays, it is recommended by specialists to help treat scars after surgery, scars after injury.

The main ingredient of Nacurgo Gel is Centella Asiatica – Allium Cepa. In addition, the other crucial ingredients of Nacurgo Gel extracted from centella (Centella asiatica), allantoin, tocopheryl acetate, etc.

Nacurgo Gel

9. Scaraway cream

Scaraway scar patches are researched and manufactured according to international standards with the main ingredient is medical silicone. Scaraway cream specializes in treating pitted scars, burns, surgical scars, and injured scars.

Scaraway is made into 2 types: patch and cream, which gives customers options for pitted scar treatment. Medical silicone is directly involved in hydration to shrink the scar and gradually return to its original skin color. Silicon will cover the scarred skin to prevent bacterial invasion and protect from bad effects from the environment.


10. Scar Care cream

Scar Care Cream is considered a breakthrough product in pitted scars treatment thanks to the application of Nano technology to help treat the skin better.

Scar Care has the ingredients: Polypeptide essence, turmeric essence, antioxidant essence, Silicon liquid, and other ingredients such as chamomile essential oil, vitamin A, etc. It helps to remove keloids, pitted scars, improve skin pigmentation and elasticity, provides collagen for smoother skin.

Thuoc tri seo Scar Care

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the top 10 cream products for pitted scars treatment. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital wishes the best results for you.

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