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How much is the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser?

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Keloid scars treatment with laser is an advanced and highly effective keloid scars therapy technology. One of the things that many are wondering about is the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser so that they can prepare the money beforehand. For that reason, in this article, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will deliver to you the information about the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser at the biggest beauty facility nowadays!

What is keloid scars treatment with laser?

Before finding out about the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser, we must understand the mechanism and the benefits of this technology to keloid scars.

The CO2 laser technology used in keloid scars treatment is the turning point of keloid scars therapy. This outstanding technology uses a laser energy beam with a wavelength of 10.600nm to severe the hardened scars tissues and promoting the body generation of collagen to create evenly colorized skin.

the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser
the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser

1. The advantages of keloid scars treatment with laser

With its advanced and quick mechanism, the CO2 laser technology brings about the following benefits:

  • The laser wavelength of 10.600nm will help to eliminate the keratine tissues that were damaged for a long time and have been causing trouble to the absorption of nutrients to the skin.
  • After undergoing the CO2 laser technology the body will rearrange the fibrous tissue and collagen structure under the skin, making it elastic and firm.
  • This treatment is certified by the CFA (Consumers Federation of America) to be safe and highly effective without causing any side effects or dangerous complications.

2. Many chose to have CO2 laser technology for the following benefits

  • The treatment effectiveness is up to 90%.
  • Helps to minimize the pores and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Prevents the sign of senescence and skin deterioration.
  • Brings about flawless and smooth skin.
  • Saves lots of operation time.
  • Requires little recovery.

The price does not determine the effectiveness

With the rise of the plastic surgery industry, facilities have been mushrooming. However, you should keep in mind that the final results of the treatment will depend on many factors, but the cost will not be one of them.

A cheap price is just a way to advertise the clinics. Therefore, Whether the price is high or low doesn’t matter.

What you should focus on is the expertise of the doctors, the treatment regimen, and the final results that you will achieve.

Be warned with cheap treatment

We highly recommended that you should take cheap treatment offered by low-quality and unlicensed facilities with a grain of salt.

All the machinery in these places is old-fashioned that can only bring about underwhelming results and long procedures.

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In addition, by skipping steps in the procedure, they will also manage to lower the price at the cost of less effective services that make the scars spread to the surrounding area, worsening your appearance.

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Keloid problem

How much is the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser?

  • Keloid scars treatment (less than 2 cm2): 700,000 – 1,000,000, 4 – 6 week/session.
  • Keloid scars treatment (less than 4cm2): 1,000,000 – 1,500,000, 4 – 6 week/session.
  • Keloid scars treatment (more than 4cm2): 2,000,000, 4 – 6 week/session.
  • Advanced keloid scars treatment: 2,000,000 – 3,000,000, 4 – 6 week/session.

(*) Currency: VND

Why are there such prices for keloid scars treatment at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

The cost of keloid scars treatment with laser provided by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the official price that is thoroughly calculated and competitive. To be more specific, the price is listed based on:

  • A safe, scientific, and time-saving procedure.
  • A team of exceptional dermatologists with in-depth training.
  • The most advanced and modern keloid scars treatment using laser with a variety of techniques.
  • The cutting-edge infrastructure at Gangwhoo.
  • The 5-star services.
  • The experience in the industry that Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital can guarantee.
  • A dedicated customer service.
  • A quality warranty policy.
  • Many breathtaking promotions.

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Through this article, you must now know the cost of keloid scars treatment with laser at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. To get an even better price than this, leave your phone number down below so that our staff at Gangwhoo can contact you to inform you about our promotion!

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