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Cosmetic Hospital For Rhinoplasty

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Having rhinoplasty at a reputable facility will certainly bring you a beautiful nose shape yet still save you time, money, and health. However, in a city full of brands, choosing a place is no piece of cake. So how can you choose a cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty? 

Should you have rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery nowadays has become something important in our society as they fulfill the need of those who love to make themselves better. However, many consider it unnecessary or even object to the idea of destroying the natural and congenital appearance.

In fact, not everyone is lucky enough to have a beautiful and high nose. Most people were born with snub, asymmetrical, or flat noses. You are the only one who can decide what you need and what you want to change.

Many patients, after having rhinoplasty, have a better chance in life. This is even more precise in the field of services or facing the customers. Moreover, those with nose deformities can regain their confidence in life after rhinoplasty.

TLDR: A beauty makeover is the rightful need of everyone. That is why, if you feel like needing rhinoplasty, why should you wait for the approval of someone who has never walked in your shoes?

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Is rhinoplasty safe? Does it have any negative effects?

When doing research for a cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty, what customers worry about the most is the safety as many cases have complications after the makeovers.

Is rhinoplasty safe or does it cause any negative effect depends on many factors? Some of them that can be listed are the expertise of the surgeons, the technique applied, and the post-operative care. If the procedure is done inside a sterile environment using suitable cartilage material, the patients will be completely safe and free from dangerous complications.

However, you will need to pay attention to the following note:

  • You must never have your surgery done at unlicensed facilities.
  • You should choose a cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty with surgeons specialized in this aspect.
  • You must find out the technology involved and the cartilage used and its origins.
  • You have to follow the instruction for post-operative care strictly.

Choosing a reputable cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty

Everyone wants to have a perfect and lasting rhinoplasty result. And Gangwhoo – the cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty can meet all the fundamental requirements for a prestigious facility.

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Cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty
Cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty

Is licensed to operate

Nowadays, in Ho Chi Minh City alone, there are thousands of spas and clinics of all different sizes. However, only less than 200 units are licensed to operate. This humble number means that the majority of facilities out there are operating without approval. Therefore, you must be careful and do your research thoroughly.

Having an operating license provided by the Ministry of Health is one of the points that represent the integrity of the services, meaning that the customers will get to feel much safer in the hands of the certified facility.

Has a team of dedicated and skillful licensed doctors

Having an operating license is a requirement for all plastic surgeons. All the doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty not only are licensed but also are specialized in their own field of work. They also possess the dedication that every doctor must have.

To become such a surgeon, they are required to study 6 years in medical school, an additional 3 years to become a specialist and another 18-month of training in a hospital.

The expertise of doctors determines the success of a rhinoplasty procedure. That is why Gangwhoo always recruits the best with both skill and will.

Bác sĩ Phùng Mạnh Cường
Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Offers direct consultation

Coming to Gangwhoo, you will not consult a nurse or a receptionist. In fact, the doctor will directly discuss with you to understand your problems and your wish. Through diagnosis, the doctors will get to know the issue precisely and come up with a suitable nose contour.

Moreover, you will also get to know who is your surgeon, what technique is used, and how will the procedure end.

Possess a complete rhinoplasty – post-operative care procedure

A standardized procedure according to the Ministry of Health will have to include the general health examination, meticulous marking, sterilization and anesthetization, surgery, and post-operative care.

Quy trình nâng mũi tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo
Rhinoplasty, nose revision procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Installed modern medical equipment

A reputable cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty must be equipped with specialized machinery. All certified and licensed facilities must go through an infrastructure requirements check to operate.

We have all the operation rooms, the post-anesthesia care unit, and the resting room clean and disinfected up to medical standards.

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Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo sở hữu cơ sở vật chất hiện đại
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has advanced infrastructure
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Brings about the golden ratio nose shape

Beauty comes from harmony. That is why Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has always tried to personalized the nose shape so that it fits the patient’s particular facial contour, allowing the nose to glorify the distinguished beauty of the person.

After rhinoplasty, the customers will be taken care of and monitored directly by the doctors and the nurses. The appointments for suture removal will also be provided in detail.

If you still have any questions about rhinoplasty, feel free to contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for rhinoplasty hotline to receive the information you need.

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