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Specialized Cosmetic Hospital For Blepharoplasty

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Gangwhoo specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty makes use of advanced technology and exceptional surgeons to perform beautiful, safe, and free from complications blepharoplasty.

Finding a specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty is the concern of many people with eye problems like ptosis, monolid eyes, etc. as they don’t know where is reputable and can offer beautiful results. The answer will be given right down below, telling you where is the place for you to entrust your eyes with.

What is incisional blepharoplasty?

To find a reputable and specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty, you must understand this service. According to experts working in the plastic surgery industry, blepharoplasty is the perfect method to give you flawless eyes. All of the flaws of the eyes like excess fat or skin will be corrected totally.

This is the technique of making an incision right above the upper eyelid to remove the excess skin and fat, after which the crease can be formed easily. Moreover, the procedure will not leave any scar, ensuring the maximum aesthetic aspect for the customer once the surgery is completed.

cắt mí
Incisional blepharoplasty

10 rules of blepharoplasty that all must remember

A specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty will follow and guide you these 10 rules below:

  • The surgeon must not remove too much skin of the eyelid, especially people with protruding eyes as this can cause poped-eyes or the inability to close the eyes.
  • The eyelid must not be too big. Otherwise, the eyes will be unnatural and asymmetrical.
  • The sutures must not be too tight or else will create poped-eyes.
  • The orbicularis oculi should not be removed as this can cause the eyes to look unalive.
  • The excess fat and skin under the upper eyelids should not be removed too much as it can cause the orbits to look disproportionate.
  • The patient must not be impatient and wait for the eyelid to recover completely before thinking about getting an eyelid revision.
  • The patient should not eat food that can create scarring like water spinach, beef; and food that can cause itchiness like seafood, chicken, etc.
  • The patient must now wipe the eyes after the rhinoplasty.
  • The patient should not let any water or dirt come in contact with the new eyelid.

Where is a specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty?

Nowadays, Gangwhoo is known to be the top specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty in the industry. The hospital is not only up to 5-Korean-star standard but also the place to has a 100% success rate on blepharoplasty.

Before, during, and after the procedure, you will get to consult and guided by a team of experts. You can choose among a variety of techniques depends on your own conditions and finance. The procedure will be done using advanced equipment and methods, combining with the skill of the surgeons to satisfy all the customers who decided to have blepharoplasty at Gangwhoo. The eyelids afterward will not only be beautiful but also free from all unwanted complications.

Specialized Cosmetic Hospital For Blepharoplasty
The team of doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

The great benefits of choosing to have blepharoplasty at Gangwhoo

Why there are so many people choosing to have blepharoplasty at Gangwhoo specialized cosmetic hospital for blepharoplasty? It is because the techniques the place possesses have a lot of great advantages like:

  • The eyes afterward will be beautiful and lively.
  • The eyelids will not have any excess fat or saggy skin.
  • The eyes will look much bigger and gain better vision.
  • The safety of the customers will be guaranteed by the hospital. There will not be chances of invasions to the surrounding areas.
  • No scars will be left on the face to ensure the best aesthetic look.
  • The customer’s vision will not be affected. This is the assurance that Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital always fulfills over the years.
  • The client will receive the best support throughout the procedure.

It can be said that Gangwhoo is a professional, quality, and renowned specialized cosmetic hospital in the industry. Once you place your trust in us, you will never be disappointed. For more information on the services, please contact 0901.666.879 to receive 24/7 assistance from the customer services team.

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