Is Cosmetic Filler Rhinoplasty Bad For Your Health?

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Is cosmetic filler rhinoplasty bad for your health?  Does cosmetic filler rhinoplasty have any side effects?

Most people assume that cosmetic filler rhinoplasty is not harmful to health because it does not involve surgical intervention. But is it true? Let’s find out in the following article.

Is filler rhinoplasty bad for your health?
Is cosmetic filler rhinoplasty bad for your health?

What is cosmetic filler rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic filler rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures among women. This is a method of rhinoplasty without surgical intervention, the doctor shall use fillers to inject into the nose area to correct the nose shape.

The filler is made from Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that has been certified to be safe for the human body. It is a type of filler that has the effect of shaping and increasing the size of soft tissue. After a while, the filler will disappear and the nose will return to its original shape.

Filler rhinoplasty
Cosmetic filler rhinoplasty

Is cosmetic filler rhinoplasty bad for your health?

Cosmetic filler rhinoplasty does not involve surgical intervention, does not create an open wound, does not cause bleeding, and is less invasive, so many women still think that filler injection is not harmful.

However, in fact, cosmetic filler rhinoplasty can bring dangers and side effects to your health and beauty.

So is cosmetic filler rhinoplasty harmful, are there any side effects? The answer is yes. The dangerous harms when having cosmetic filler for rhinoplasty can be listed as:

  • Nodules and small tumors appear around the filler injection site.
  • Filler leak at the injection site.
  • There is an inflammatory response to the filler that causes granulomatous to appear.
  • The filler moves to the surrounding areas.
  • Damage to the blood vessels.
  • Obstruction of the blood flow to the tissues.
  • Nose infection.
  • The most dangerous complication is that it can cause permanent blindness because the filler blocks blood flow to the eye.

Although cosmetic filler rhinoplasty can bring harm to the health of customers. However, we can completely prevent these bad effects. The next content will share with you how to prevent side effects when injecting fillers for rhinoplasty.

Filler may bring dangerous effects
Cosmetic filler rhinoplasty may bring dangerous effects

How to prevent the harms when having cosmetic filler rhinoplasty

Cosmetic facility

In fact, whether the filler is harmful or not depends greatly on the cosmetic facility we choose to have cosmetic filler rhinoplasty. Although the technique of cosmetic filler rhinoplasty is not too complicated, it must be performed by qualified and experienced doctors and specialists.

Therefore, when deciding to have cosmetic filler rhinoplasty, you should search carefully to find a prestigious cosmetic facility instead of being concerned too much about the price and choosing a poor quality cosmetic facility.

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Filler quality

The quality of filler has a great influence on whether the cosmetic filler rhinoplasty is harmful or not. To ensure our safety, we should choose authentic filler material that is provided by reputable manufacturers, with intact packaging and labels.

Doctors’ consultations

Before deciding to have cosmetic filler rhinoplasty, you need to consult a doctor to see whether you are suitable for this method or not. Besides, you should list the drugs you are using (if any) so that the doctor can come up with the most suitable cosmetic filler rhinoplasty method.


We hope you’ve had enough useful information about whether cosmetic filler rhinoplasty is harmful to your health or not. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital via Hotline: 0901666879, or our fanpage:


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