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Congenital Facial Paralysis – All The Information That You Need to Know

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Nowadays, congenital facial paralysis has become the worry of all people, especially parents. So what is congenital facial paralysis? Is it treatable? This is the question that many are wondering about which will we answer in the article below!

What is congenital facial paralysis?

Before finding out about congenital facial paralysis, you will first need to understand the definition of congenital diseases.

Congenital diseases tend to occur during the first period of pregnancy. A sudden internal/external impact has caused the fetus to lose its ability to grow normally during its development. This makes it more vulnerable to defects or abnormalities when inside of the mother’s womb.

The factors that can affect the development of the fetus are radiation beam, certain antibiotics, viruses, or alcohol. In short, congenital diseases are conditions that the baby suffers when still being inside of the mother’s womb.

Congenital facial paralysis is not an exception either. Cranial nerve 7 paralysis can occur during the fetus state. Without proper treatment, this can be a part of the person’s life until the end.

Overall, the condition is not life-threatening. However, it can significantly affect the future of the baby. The condition will directly affect the face of the person, making it asymmetrical. Therefore, it can affect the patient’s daily life more or less.

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Congenital facial paralysis
Congenital facial paralysis

Is congenital facial paralysis (cranial nerve 7 paralysis) treatable?

If you are unfortunate enough to have congenital facial paralysis, you should still stay positive as modern medicine has developed so much that suitable treatment is available regardless. However, the parents of the baby/child should take his/her to a hospital as soon as possible because the longer it persists, the harder it is to be treated.

Although facial paralysis will not cause any danger to the person’s life, it can still significantly diminish their mental health and affect their daily activities. The sooner the condition is diagnosed and treated, the higher the recovery rate. In case of mild conditions, the patient can be appointed with physiotherapy and massage for a few weeks. Severe cases can be up to several months if not more.

At the moment, specific treatment will be given depending on the severity of the condition for the best result. The 2 most common treatments nowadays are using internal and external medicine. The patient can be under one of these two methods or even both of them for the best.

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If the patient is not properly treated, there can be some complications in the appearance of the person.  The most dangerous one being cornea ulcer due to the inability to close the eye, making the eye dry or infected.

Internal medicine

For interval medicine, the patient will receive anti-inflammatory medications, vasodilators, or Vitamin B.  This can combine with traditional medicine like acupuncture or massage for the best result.

External medicine

Normally, for a patient with a severe condition, an external condition is needed for the best results. This means that the patient will appoint surgery to prevent brain tumors or blood clots. It could also be done to release the suppressed nerve.

This was the important information about congenital facial paralysis that you need to know. We hope that it can be helpful to you and can give you a more detailed look on the condition.

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If you have any questions about congenital facial paralysis, feel free to contact us through our Website to receive the best and immediate advice from us. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones to spread the valuable knowledge to them. Thank you for your attention.

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