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3 Dangerous Complications of Thread Rhinoplasty

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Thread rhinoplasty is a method that does not involve surgical intervention, it is becoming more and more popular in the beauty community. However, according to the experts, this method may be potentially risky of complications. Here is a summary of 3 complications of thread rhinoplasty that we should be wary of.

What is thread rhinoplasty?

Thread rhinoplasty is a non-surgical method originating from Korea. Instead of surgical intervention, this method uses biological thread, the doctor will use a device resembling a syringe to implant them in the nose to form a higher nose shape.

In some cases, the doctor shall combine with the filler injection method to shape a more flawless nose form.

After implanting the thread, the doctor shall adjust physically the nose shape based on the customer’s desire. The thread over shall gradually self-consume, and to keep the nose shape lasting longer, you must have another procedure.

In general, the thread rhinoplasty is considered relatively safe; however, it potentially risky of complications. The reason for these complications is when imported to Viet Nam, the thread rhinoplasty method has changed more or less.

The complications of thread rhinoplasty consist of crooked nose bridge, infection, and necrosis, body irritation. For more information about these complications, please follow:

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Complications of thread rhinoplasty

3 dangerous complications of thread rhinoplasty

The complications of thread rhinoplasty you must be aware of:

Crooked nose bridge, unbalanced nose

The first complication of thread rhinoplasty is a deformed nose, after rhinoplasty, the nose becomes crooked or unbalanced.

The cause of this complication according to the experts is careless and imprecise surgery. Specifically, after a careless thread rhinoplasty, the nose bridge becomes crooked and unbalanced that badly affects the overall facial appearance.

The infection or necrosis of the whole nose area

Infection, necrosis of the whole nose area is the most dangerous complication of thread rhinoplasty. Nowadays, the thread rhinoplasty method is normally performed at illegal and non-licensed cosmetic facilities.

These cosmetic facilities cannot meet the safety requirement for customers in terms of the sterile operation room, the quality of the doctors. As a result, there may be infection after having thread rhinoplasty, or even necrosis for the whole nose area.

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Furthermore, at these cosmetic facilities, the quality and the origin of the thread are not clear, which can make the infection and necrosis of the nose are inevitable.

Body irritation

You should remember that, even if the thread material has a genuine origin and good quality, irritation and allergy to the thread are still possible. If you use fake, poor-quality thread, allergies and irritation definitely occur.

In fact, there are plenty of rhinoplasty cases that use poor-quality thread that causes serious consequences such as ongoing nose bleeding, inflammatory nose bridge, perforated nose skin that exposes thread, nose infection.

Complications of thread rhinoplasty
Complications of thread rhinoplasty

What rhinoplasty method is safe and non-complication?

The thread rhinoplasty method is originally safe; however, after being imported to Viet Nam, this method has changed negatively and potentially had high risks of complications. So what rhinoplasty method should we have to have a natural nose shape that is still safe for ourselves?

According to experts and cosmetologists, nowadays, there are plenty of replacements that we could use instead of the thread rhinoplasty method.

Filler injection

If you are afraid of surgical intervention and you want to have non-surgical methods, filler injection is a good choice for you. The filler materials are made from Hyaluronic Acid, which is a non-dangerous material to the human body and is approved for its safety.

However, the filler injection method cannot bring long-lasting results. After a period of time, the filler material shall dissolve completely and you have to retake one more filler injection course to keep your nose in shape. On top of that, you must have this method at a prestigious cosmetic facility.

Surgical rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty is the most common method of rhinoplasty. This is a method of surgical dissection that creates a cavity to place the rhinoplasty cartilage, this shall correct the shape of the nose. Then the wound shall be closed with nano-threads, ensuring no scarring after surgery.

Nowadays, there are plenty of popular rhinoplasty methods as follows:

  • S Line/L Line structural rhinoplasty
  • Cartilage rhinoplasty
  • Korean rhinoplasty
  • Rib cartilage rhinoplasty

To understand which method is appropriate for you. Please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for direct consultation!


Although thread rhinoplasty is a non-surgical method, the possible complications are extremely serious. After reading the article about the 3 complications of thread rhinoplasty above, you will be more alert and wise in choosing a suitable rhinoplasty method.
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