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Do You Get Complications When Having Rhinoplasty At Old Age?

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The characteristic of Asians asides from yellow skin and black eyes is another feature that is a low nose, making the face less beautiful. Those defects can now be completely improved by rhinoplasty. However, many people are concerned that rhinoplasty will affect their health in old age. So, is there any complication of rhinoplasty in old age?


The experts’ answer is YES!

Because the purpose of rhinoplasty is to correct the shape of the nose and improve the low, large nose by birth in the face. Thanks to it, you feel confident about your own beauty.

In fact, rhinoplasty is a quick and simple technique that does not affect greatly the surrounding skin and tissues.

Thus, nose reconstruction surgery is safe for almost everyone, including the elderly. However, you must choose prestigious cosmetic facilities to ensure the safety and quality of your beauty.

Currently, there are many cosmetic facilities that provide attractive offers. Along with that, people have chosen to have rhinoplasty at illegal and non-licensed cosmetic facilities.

Hence the potential risks of complications after rhinoplasty are great in terms of the exposed nosed bridge, redness nose, or displaced nose bridge. These complications can happen to younger people and the risks are much higher for older people.

In addition, you must understand that whereas you are young or old, the aging process still happens and it affects the cartilage structure. Besides, post-operative care shall directly affect your new nose shape.

Do You Get Complications When Having Rhinoplasty At Old Age?
Do You Get Complications When Having Rhinoplasty At Old Age?

Do You Get Complications When Having Rhinoplasty At Old Age?

This problem must be considered in terms of the 2 following aspects:

  • At a younger age, after rhinoplasty, does the nose shape change over time?
  • Are there any complications when having rhinoplasty at old age?

1st Case: Nose shape after rhinoplasty at old age

There are many people who have cartilage rhinoplasty (such as rib cartilage, septum cartilage, ear cartilage) that can maintain stability in the human body forever, and they still wonder how their nose shape will turn out in old age? The following section will answer in detail about the development of the nose over time.

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The cartilage such as Nanoform, Korean biological cartilage, and autologous cartilage (ear cartilage, rib cartilage, septum cartilage) tend to leave no complications or changes even after 30 – 40 years after rhinoplasty.

The doctors explain the effectiveness of these types of cartilage shall stay forever.

These types of cartilage shall not cause any complications or severe changes to the nose shape, but your body shall make them change. When getting older, the complications you may get after rhinoplasty are as follows:

  • Due to old age, the connection of elastic and collagen shall become weakened that cannot keep the tissues linked firmly to each other.
  • The soft tissue such as small alar base cartilage, big alar base cartilage shall become weakened at old age.
  • Your body shall weaken the autologous cartilage implanted in your nose (if any).
  • The nose skin shall become loose and wrinkled.

Due to the aging process, you will unquestionably have the following complications at old age: redness at the nose tip, loose nose tip, displaced nose bridge, or crooked nose bridge.

These complications are hard to control because this is the normal body’s physiology.

Even though you have structural rhinoplasty, rib cartilage rhinoplasty, silicone, or thread rhinoplasty at a younger age, these complications may eventually happen.

Scientists still have not found a way to stop the aging process of the body. The only ways to make the new nose shape last longer are as follows:

  • Choose the most advanced rhinoplasty technique to limit the damages to the nose tissues.
  • Use genuine materials that are highly compatible with the human body.
  • Choose the cartilage that can last as long as possible.
  • Have rhinoplasty at prestigious cosmetic hospitals to ensure the best results.
  • Only have rhinoplasty done by highly qualified doctors.

Strictly following the instructions above shall help you limit the complications at an older age.

2nd Case: The elderly’s health after rhinoplasty

The older you get, the more likely you can have complications after rhinoplasty. Indeed, the body will age over time, and it will be more difficult for the doctor to perform the nose reconstruction surgery.

Some complications you may get after rhinoplasty at old age:

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  • The nose heals slowly and hard to become naturally beautiful.
  • The nose gets swollen at bruises for a long time.
  • The nose tip gets redness, the cartilage may get displaced.
  • The nose may get infected due to the weak immune system.
  • The nose gets damaged for not being compatible with the cartilage.
  • The nose tissues and cartilage are hard to get reconstructed.

The rate of getting complications after rhinoplasty at old age is relatively high, but it is not impossible, the doctor must be highly qualified and careful to give the best result.

The experienced and highly qualified doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall help you to have a beautiful nose shape even if you are entering an elder age.

Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Scarless Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
Scarless Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Scarless Rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Do you get complications when having rhinoplasty at old age? At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, customers can completely rest assured to have a beautiful nose shape without any complications. We guarantee lifetime support for customers after having rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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