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Common complications post-rhinoplasty

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It is no coincidence that rhinoplasty is so beloved as customers nowadays understand the importance do a nose to the overall appearance. However, there have been many cases in which the customers have to suffer the consequences of a failed service. Today, our experts will explain and answer all the questions asked by many about the causes, the solutions, and the way to prevent common complications post-rhinoplasty from occurring. 

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Main reasons that lead to post-rhinoplasty complications

Men and equipment: This can be due to improper preparations and techniques that cause the nose to be crooked, infected, contracted, and deformed. During the procedure, sudden movements of the surgeons can cause tissue damages, or a crooked nose; while short or long cartilage carving can affect the overall look of the nose, causing damages and necrosis to the nose.

The doctors when performing the procedure could have open the nose too shallow, causing the implant placement to be misplaced that would lead to dorsum exposure and nose redness.

By not receiving assistance from modern equipment that can simulate the future nose contour before the procedure, the surgeon, when performing the rhinoplasty, will have to play by the intuition, causing the nose to be lower than expected, the nose tip to be too pointy, and the overall nose to be inharmonious.

Get rid of the common complications post-rhinoplasty after just 60 minutes
Get rid of the common complications post-rhinoplasty after just 60 minutes

The patient: doesn’t take proper care of the nose and doesn’t antibiotics as prescribed. Their body could also not have the right condition or the compatibility with the implant.

Procedure: this could be due to mistakes in sterilizing the equipment, incorrect nose splinting, or doses of antibiotics.

Other reasons: like getting fever or sinusitis after the rhinoplasty could lead to bacteria invasion inside the nose. Food allergies or external damages are also listed.

How to deal with common complications post-rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

To allow a nose revision to succeed, the specialists and experts/professors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will have to directly diagnose the condition of the nose. A proper and suitable revision surgery will be given depends on the condition of the nose and the severity of it.

Nose redness

Normally, this is due to thin nose skin and artificial material allergy. For this case, the surgeon will use a structural technique to reconstruct the entire nose. Nanoform cartilage, along with the autologous cartilage (taken from the ears or the nasal septum) will help to elevate the nose naturally to avoid complications afterward.

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Autologous cartilage will act as a foundation to support the nose tip, build the columella, and create the curves of the nose.

The Nanoform cartilage will be used for the nasal dorsum, creating the natural S-Line or L-Line contour. In addition, with its 100% compatibility to the body and the ability to be extremely twisted, the super light and soft surface of the nanomaterial will integrate with the soft tissues to bring about the comfortable and natural feeling post-rhinoplasty.

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The dented nose tip is fully recovered thanks to the hands of surgeons at Gangwhoo

Severely infected nose

The surgeons at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will remove the implants and sterilize the nasal cavity at the place with nose redness and swelling. After removing all the purulence inside the nose, the patient will have to use anti-inflammatories for at least 10 days. The nose revision surgery will begin from 3 to 6 months later.

Dorsum exposure/shift

First, the doctors will remove the implant and clean the nasal cavity from 6 – 12 months to allow the nose to fully recover. After that, they will perform secondary rhinoplasty with a different material.

The new implant will be craved correctly to ensure that the nose will be in perfect shape and projection. In addition, this time, autologous cartilage will also be used to protect the nose peak.

Crooked nose/filler overcorrection

Complications of filler injection is not a rare case and the surgeon will quickly extract the filler out. After 6 to 9 days, the nose revision can be performed.

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Deformed and contracted nose due to multiple revisions


This is a severe case of failed rhinoplasty and the revision surgery would be difficult to perform as the damages are not just at the soft tissues but also in the nose structure. First, the surgeon will use a microsurgery flap to handle the deformities of the nose. This will make the contracted nose expand, allowing the use of stem cells from the autologous fat to fill and regenerate the blood vessels. After 1.5 months, the surgeon can begin with the next step of secondary rhinoplasty.

To limit the common complications post-rhinoplasty, customers should only seek a reputable and qualified hospital that is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is operating by a Korean 5-star standard and is certified by the Ministry to perform the procedure.

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The team of surgeons and experts at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will always update their knowledge to keep up with the latest cosmetic trend, fulfilling all of the needs from the patient on the nose, eyes, and the overall appearance of the face. They will ensure the best look for the patient, making them the best version of themselves.

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