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Comedian Tam Thanh “Spills The Tea” on Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Choosing Lipo Ultrasound and blepharoplasty services to “get rid of” his beer belly and droopy eyelids, comedian Tam Thanh “spills the tea” on Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for ensuring the results as expected for the reason: it was much better without any pain.

Comedian Tam Thanh
Comedian Tam Thanh

Comedian Tam Thanh or “Lao Tam” has long been familiar to comedy and small screen audiences in the Southern of Vietnam. Many of his roles are extremely popular with the audience such as the role in the comedy series Tuyen Dien Vien in the 2003 Gala Show or Cai Tuat in the movie Thunder in the Rain.

As an artist who loves his job and is always ready to give his best with his roles, often going home late at night. Due to frequent parties with colleagues, which makes comedian Tam Thanh’s body increasingly degrades.

Comedian Tam Thanh has a visit to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

According to the examination results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, comedian Tam Thanh has lots of eye bags on the lower eyelid, the upper eyelid droops, making his face look older than his real age.

Notably, his waist size is 115, making him feel very self-conscious about his body. He shared that he had a lot of difficulties walking and wearing clothes every day. The big belly puts great pressure on the respiratory system when lying down, making him often snore at night.

Removing eye bags for comedian Tam Thanh

Desiring to have a more youthful appearance and slimmer body, after being consulted by doctors, comedian Tam Thanh chose the combo of blepharoplasty and lipo ultrasound at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

After witnessing the amazing changes in his body shape, comedian Tam Thanh repeatedly “spills the tea” on Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for not complying with the original commitment. The reason is: the results are much better than expected without any pain

Comedian Tam Thanh happily shared: “I did not feel any pain even when the fat was being sucked out of my body. It didn’t even feel like the fat is coming out at all. Very gentle indeed.”

Final results of undergoing blepharoplasty and lipo ultrasound

“Once the surgery is done, I can still drive myself home. At home, I can still do housework, walk freely, even go back to acting as usual, without having to rest.”

Comedian Tam Thanh shared: “If in the old days I was told to have liposuction, I wouldn’t do it, having surgery was not what I like. In the past, my wife had a cesarean, s I knew it was painful. But when I directly experience this technology, I must admit that it is very good.”

Comedian Tam Thanh also thanked Dr. Phung Manh Cuong and the team of doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for taking care of him wholeheartedly. Comedian Tam Thanh also advises those who are having problems with their physique like him, to go to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to change themselves.

About Lipo Ultrasound

Lipo Ultrasound technology at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a fat reduction technology from Korea. This technology involves using focused ultrasound to melt and liquefy fat. The amount of fat after liquefaction will be taken out of the body by conducting a minor surgery.

Lipo Ultrasound is considered the best fat reduction technology nowadays.

Understand Lipo Ultrasound Technology

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Dr. Phung Manh Cuong explains the Lipo Ultrasound technology

Amazing transformation of our customers after having Lipo Ultrasound at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

She no longer has gigantic belly after 60 minutes

lipo ultrasound bvtm gangwhoo 7

lipo ultrasound 2

lipo ultrasound 1

lipo ultrasound 3

lipo ultrasound 4

lipo ultrasound 5

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lipo ultrasound 6

lipo ultrasound 7

lipo ultrasound 8

lipo ultrasound 10

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