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Is Collagen Nose Thread Lift Good?

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Doctor, recently I’ve heard about the non-surgical collagen nose thread lift method that still brings a natural noseshape. So what is collagen nose thread lift specifically? I’m looking forward to your answer.

Ms. Hanh, Go Vap District, HCM City

Dear Ms. Hanh, thank you for sending to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital question. Collagen nose thread lift is a non-surgical thread rhinoplasty. Please follow the article below for more information.

Collagen thread rhinoplasty
Collagen nose thread lift

What is collagen nose thread lift?

This is quite a new rhinoplasty technique. The doctor shall use a device resembling a syringe to insert the collagen thread into the epidermis layer.

After the collagen thread is inserted, the nose area and the droopy nose skin shall be tightened. At the same time, the collagen thread has V-shaped edges that can attach firmly to the nose tissues, which can form the more natural, well-proportioned nose shape with the overall face.

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Collagen thread
Collagen thread

Pros & Cons of the collagen nose thread lift method


High aesthetics

After undergoing the procedure, you shall have a more natural, well-proportioned, slimmer nose shape without any ugly scars or cosmetic traces.

Safe collagen thread

The collagen thread used in rhinoplasty is made from biological material (PDO) that is safe for your body. Moreover, the thread is self-consumption after a long time inside the body. Especially, The thread can enhance collagen production for prettier skin.

Painless procedure

Before undergoing the procedure, asides from performing sterilization, the doctor shall use anesthesia so you shall not any pain during the procedure.

Furthermore, the collagen nose thread lift does not involve using surgical intervention and invasion, hence the customer shall not feel any pain.

Not resting is needed

The procedure needs a short time to finish with only 30 minutes. Then, you can come back to your normal life without having to rest or avoiding specific kinds of food.

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  • The result does not last long, more procedure is needed to keep the nose in shape.
  • The method is appropriate for those who already have a good nose shape without plenty of defects.
  • High risk of having complications and infections.
  • The customer can be allergic to the rhinoplasty thread and have swelling and itchiness.
The collagen thread rhinoplasty procedure
The collagen nose thread lift procedure

How much is collagen nose thread lift?

Nowadays, a course of collagen nose thread lift normally costs from 6 – 15 million VND. The cost is quite cheap compared to other surgical rhinoplasty methods.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Thanks to the low cost, the method is becoming more and more popular. However, in fact, the cost of the non-surgical nose thread lift method is cheap because it is performed at illegal and infamous cosmetic facilities that cannot meet the safety requirements for the customers.

The following table presents the cost of the prestigious collagen nose thread lift method newly updated for 2022:

Collagen nose thread lift price list of 2022

Korean Nose Thread Lift 15 million VND
2 years
Collagen Nano Nose Thread Lift 17 million VND 3 years
Multi-layer Collagen Nose Thread Lift
25 million VND 5 years

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Complications after having collagen nose thread lift

Unlike the surgical rhinoplasty method that requires a lot to perform, the thread rhinoplasty method is popular at illegal cosmetic facilities.

Customers may have complications after having thread rhinoplasty due to poor-quality service and staff. Some complications that may be caused after having collagen nose thread lift are as follows:

  • Nose infection may lead to necrosis.
  • Rhinoplasty material allergy.
  • Swelling, inflammation, bleeding, festering.
  • Torn nose tip that exposes the rhinoplasty thread.

In the cases, the doctor must remove all the thread to keep the nose safe.

Questions about collagen thread

Does the final result last permanently?

The final result after having collagen nose thread lift does not last permanently. Because, after 6 months, the thread shall gradually self-consume and you must undergo more procedures to keep your nose in shape.

Is collagen nose thread lift good?

The thread rhinoplasty method is quite good and effective, but nowadays there are lots of illegal and infamous cosmetic facilities that have caused troubles for customers.

How long will the final result last?

The final result will last for around 6 months because the thread used in rhinoplasty is self-consumption, it shall gradually self-consume inside the body.

Effective rhinoplasty methods for long-lasting results

Lots of people after having a failed collagen nose thread lift are looking for a safer and more effective method. Here are some suggestions:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • S Line/L Line structural rhinoplasty
  • Cartilage rhinoplasty
  • Korean rhinoplasty
  • Rib cartilage rhinoplasty

Contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital now for further information and consultation.

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Collagen nose thread lift or any other rhinoplasty methods must be done at a prestigious cosmetic facility with talented and experienced doctors.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about this method. Thanks for reading!

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