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Cleft Lip Surgery – The Key to Regain Your Confidence

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You are having difficulty communicating due to your cleft lip? Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to get rid of your issue right away. With the technology and the technique of cleft lip surgery, you will definitely have your appearance flaws taken care of in no time.

What is cleft lip?

Cleft lip is a common congenital disease in children. When a child has a cleft lip, it affects not only the aesthetic but also their mental health. Their daily routines will also be quite inconvenient due to the deformation of lips, nose, dental arches, jawbone. Cleft lip surgery is a long process that combines many different surgical methods. The surgery to correct cleft lip is very important as it must meet the needs of aesthetics and function. Cleft lip orthopedic surgery helps correct the sequelae of cleft lip deformity, bad scars, …

The signs of cleft lip

Cleft lip and cleft palate in children can occur on one side or on both sides and the common symptoms are:

  • There is a crack in the lip (if you have a unilateral cleft palate, you will only see the crack on one side of the mouth, if you have a complete cleft palate you may see two cracks on both sides of the mouth or a large crack extending from the mouth) that affects the aesthetics and function of the mouth.
  • Cracks appear in the mouth and lips. They can extend from the lips to the gums through the roof of the mouth and stop at the bottom of the nose, causing the mouth area not to form a closed circle, but leading to a cleft palate.
  • Children who have difficulty in eating, eating may spill food out because their mouth is not closed.
  • The aesthetic of the face is affected. Some exposed areas can increase the risk of infection if they are not cared for carefully.
  • Cleft palate.
Cleft Lip Surgery - The Key to Regain Your Confidence
Cleft Lip Surgery – The Key to Regain Your Confidence

The treatment for cleft lip/palate

Plastic surgery is the most optimal method to correct a cleft lip or cleft palate. The doctors will make an incision on both sides of the cleft and then proceed to rearrange the tissues and muscles in the roof of the mouth, followed by sutures. This process is repeated until the face becomes normal and natural.

The advantages of surgical methods help you improve your ability to eat, speak normally, improve your appearance quickly. Even birth defects or accidents can be corrected. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we use many different surgical methods, depending on the level of each person.

Surgical techniques may include:

Lip Correction

To allow the lip to be fully closed, the surgeon will create incisions at the two cracks, rearrange the tissues and muscle. and stitch them back together, including the lip muscles. This will allow the structure, function, and shape of the lip to be normal. A nose correction is also advisable as it can help to quicken the process.

Palate correction

Depend on the condition of the patient that the surgeon will create the incision at the two cracks to reconstruct the mouth roof, including the hard and soft palate.

Ear canal correction

For patients with cleft lips, the surgeon will prevent ear diseases by placing the tiny tubes inside the eardrum to allow ventilation and avoid the accumulation of fluid.

Reconstruction surgery

After having cleft chin surgery, the patient will have 2 additional surgeries to reshape their look. This time, the surgeon will base on the features of the face to create a beauty that will not only make the face normal but also more attractive.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

This is usually combined with rhinoplasty to ensure the most harmonious appearance.

The rhinoplasty price at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Korean Rhinoplasty12,000,00010,000,000
Cartilage Rhinoplasty18,000,00014,500,000
3D S-Line / L-Line Structural Rhinoplasty20,000,00017,000,000
4D S-Line / L-Line Structural Rhinoplasty30,000,00025,000,000
6D S-Line / L-Line Structural Rhinoplasty38,000,00035,000,000
Superstructural S-Line Rhinoplasty50,000,000
Superstructural L-Line Rhinoplasty50,000,000
European Standard Rhinoplasty80,000,000
Perfect Rhinoplasty80,000,000
Korean Nose Threadlift15,000,000
Nano Collagen Nose Threadlift17,000,000
Multilayer Collagen Nose Threadlift25,000,000
Nose Revision5 – 7,000,000Miễn Phí
Alar Base Reduction7,000,0004,000,000
Nasal Hump Removal10,000,0007,000,000
Nose Tip Reduction/Correction25,000,00015,000,000
Nose Defect Correction15,000,000
Nasal Bone Correction15,000,000
Cleft Lip Surgery30,000,000

Why should you have Cleft Lip Surgery?

In case of having a cleft lip and cleft palate, you will slowly have your self-confidence diminish in life as well as communication at work. You will become more and more depressed. Therefore, a plastic cleft clip surgery will return the inherent natural beauty of the nose – lips to you, helping you integrate faster into everyday life. You will be more confident in work, and love life. You will be confident with your new look.

Chỉnh Sửa Sứt Môi Lấy Lại Nhan Sắc, Sự Tự Tin Của Bạn
Cleft Lip Surgery

Embarrassment in life due to cleft lip

Cleft lip and palate is a birth defect. Those who are unlucky will have facial deformities from birth. Although cleft palate does not affect physical health, it will create serious mental complexes. Children and those with cleft lip and cleft palate will have a life of severe mental trauma because they will always feel ugly and different from their friends around. That emotional pain will lead to other traumas such as psychophysiological disorders or neurological disorders. It would be extremely serious and adversely affect their lives. Sometimes, there are many children, because of the difference in appearance that leads to the stigma of classmates, and people around. So the mental damage to them is extremely great.

Some severe cases of not having cleft lip surgery

Many children can have depression that leads to suicide. Therefore, taking back the normal look of the baby is extremely important in bringing back the happiness and balanced life for the baby. You should keep this in mind if your children, siblings, or relatives have a congenital cleft lip.

The sooner you have cleft lip surgery, the better?

In case of cleft lip due to trauma, you may lose your confidence and your original look. In this case, you should consult a surgeon as soon as possible to prevent the different development of the bone and cartilage. In addition, to avoid further complications, you should also head to a reputable cosmetic facility.

Some notices when having cleft lip surgery

A cleft lip surgery is very complicated and the recovery time only ranges from 3-7 days depending on the location and complexity of each surgery. After surgery, patients can go home immediately or rest in the hospital’s post-operative care room as directed by the doctor. Modern equipment and a highly skilled doctor are required to perform surgery on the nose and lips deformities caused by congenital cleft lip and palate. In case of cleft palate surgery to deal with congenital palate defects, the patient must be an adult with the nasal cartilage structure well-formed.

A place for cleft lip surgery

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the leading prestigious units for cleft lip surgery and is the most reliable place to do cosmetic surgery. The place has successfully performed many surgeries, from the simplest to the most complex ones thanks to the skill of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the first-level specialist in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Cuong is the only Vietnamese surgeon appointed as a lecturer at the Korean Catholic University – Hospital. His 15 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and beauty has brought Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital from a famous beauty spot originating from Korea to a multiple-branches brand that is constantly growing in Vietnam.

Cleft lip surgery
Cleft lip surgery

The foreseeable result of cleft lip surgery

  • The patient will have a beautiful nose of Korean style.
  • The dorsum will have the S-Line / L-Line look.
  • The face will be natural and harmonious.
  • All deformities will be corrected properly.
  • Safety is 100% guaranteed.

If you have any questions about cleft lip surgery, you can contact us in the comment down below to receive many discounts from us!

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