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Permanent Chest Hair Removal with Korean Technology

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The problem of chest hair makes a lot of women don’t feel confident, making them not dare to wear hot and sexy outfits. Perhaps that’s why a permanent chest hair removal service is one of the needs of great interest!

Gangwhoo Hospital has compiled the questions and problems that customers often ask. Please follow “Gangwhoo” to find out more details through the following article!


The main cause of chest hair growth is hormonal changes. Hormonal changes in women are one of the reasons for the appearance of hair on the chest area or a change in hair color. In addition, if the body secretes too much testosterone hormone, the chest area grows hairy with symptoms such as:

+ Menstruation is absent or stopped.

+ The skin appears to have a lot of acne.

+ Oily skin.

+ Increased skeletal muscle mass.

+ Hair loss.

– Besides hormonal changes, it is also possible that Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) occurs due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones in women. This disease not only causes hair to grow around the chest area but also causes other health problems such as menstrual disorders, infertility, …

– Side effects when taking certain drugs such as testosterone, glucocorticosteroids, and immunosuppressants can stimulate hair growth in the chest.

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Cushing’s syndrome: This is called the syndrome formed by an excess of the glucocorticosteroid hormone, which is called cortisol, leading to the appearance of a series of symptoms such as:

  • Hair, hair grows thicker
  •  Menstrual cycle disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Fat accumulation in the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • The face is swollen and red.
  • Skin becomes easier to bruise.
  • Weaker thighs and arms
  • Desire for sex greatly reduced
  • High blood sugar

Cushing’s syndrome is relatively rare, mainly due to the abuse of glucocorticosteroids. In addition, it is possible that tumor formation in the lungs can also be the cause of chest hair growth.

Chest Hair Removal
Chest Hair Removal


The most painful way: Using wax.

Have you ever removed the hair on your arms or legs by wax? If so, the pain when bleaching in the chest area will be much more painful. However, the pain will be reduced if you choose a reputable place to wax.

Like other areas, the wax will be applied to the nipples and chest with a bit of python ointment or aloe vera oil. Then, wait for the wax to dry and the hair will come with the wax when you peel it off.

Of course, this is not a permanent way to destroy hair follicles, so you need to apply the wax once a month.

The cheapest way: Shave chest hair

For men, hair on the chest is no different from the hair on other areas such as arms and legs. So, if the economy doesn’t allow it, just choose the same way as using a razor to clean them.

Before shaving, take a hot shower first to open the pores, the hair will also become softer and less irritated when shaving. When shaving, pay attention to the direction of hair growth and shave in the direction of the hair. Moreover, the surface of the chest and nipples is not as flat as the chin’s, so be very careful not to tear the skin.

This method sounds simple, but it’s really hard to succeed the first time. Moreover, shaving will make the remaining hair roots jagged and unsightly. If you shave in the opposite direction, your skin is easily irritated and itchy.

The most effective way: High-tech chest hair removal

For this method, it can only be done in prestigious beauty salons and hospitals, but it is extremely effective if you want to remove chest hair without pain, danger, and having long-term results.

The laser beam with the appropriate wavelength will be directed to the chest hair area, causing the heat energy from the laser to burn the hair follicles from the inside without harming the skin cells inside.

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The only drawback of this method is the price. It needs to be done more than once and follow a course to be effective. The price depends on the area being treated.

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Does chest hair removal have any effect? 

This is a concern for both men and women who are unlucky with dark chest hair concerned about permanent hair removal. However, depending on each method of chest hair removal, it will be clear whether it is dangerous or not.

Most of the harmful effects of chest hair removal come from traditional and temporary hair removal methods such as razors, tweezers, natural waxing, and hair removal creams. As follow: 

  • Although the use of a razor is done very quickly, it can cause damage to the skin surface such as skin infections. Although the use of a razor is done very quickly, it can cause damage to the skin surface such as skin infections.  Shaving scratches and oozes blood on the skin or the razor is not properly cleaned and it makes bacteria attached. 
  • What are the effects of chest hair removal? If so, it is believed that by using tweezers that the hair follicles are dilated more widely which makes bacteria easily enter and cause folliculitis.
  • What are the advantages of chest hair removal? The waxing method is used from natural ingredients, most of which are safe for many skin types. However, people with sensitive skin should consider it because it is possible that the ingredients in the wax can irritate their skin, such as honey, or fresh lemon, cause skin abrasion.
  • Especially that using hair removal creams could make the skin with burning pain for people with sensitive skin.

In contrast, nowadays thanks to the methods of permanent chest hair removal with the support of high technology, there are amazing results, including the skin after hair removal. This is considered the safest and best hair removal solution which is effective hair removal but still kept at a moderate level so that the hair still does its job well and ensures aesthetics. 

So should you remove chest hair or not? Chest hair removal will be harmful if you choose the wrong method and do it a lot. On the contrary, if you choose safe methods, it will certainly not cause any harm to your body.

Is it safe to use chest hair removal technology?

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Price list for chest hair removal

For chest hair removal, Gangwhoo Hospital applies this price list throughout the branch. Specifically, with 200,000/1 time and 1,200,000/10 times-1 treatment.

Innumerable promotions when applying chest hair removal.

The promotions at Gangwhoo Hospital can be up to 80%… and depend on seasons. Right now, everyone can follow the fanpage of Gangwhoo Hospital (www.facebook.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo) for more details!

Team of Korean - Vietnamese doctors at Gangwhoo
Team of Korean – Vietnamese doctors at Gangwhoo

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So, we have finally come to the end of our journey to answer questions about chest hair removal as well as other factors. Right now, if you have any questions about this issue, please quickly call our hospital to receive the best support!

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