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Possible Complications After Cheekbone Reduction

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What to expect after Cheekbone Reduction? Some people have cheekbones that are more prominent than that of others. Cheekbone reduction surgery is one of the methods that can help women achieve a more refined facial contour. However, what is high cheekbone reduction surgery? Which complications may arise after surgery? Let Gangwhoo helps you to answer those questions with the following article!

Possible complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction


A cheekbone reduction is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the size of the cheekbones in order to create a more asymmetry and elegant facial contour. With this procedure, L Shaft technique – a reconstruction method- is performed through an incision made inside the mouth.


Facial proportions are assessed with an assistance of high-tech skeletal evaluation machine. An incision then is made inside the mouth which causes no pain, bruises, or even scar, bringing the best aesthetic result.

This technique minimizes the risk of complications that may occur after surgery. Thanks to the assistance of modern and specialized equipment, the cheekbones will be trimmed and lowered to a well-balanced position, creating a more elegant facial contour.

The position of trimmed cheekbones will not be filled out over time; therefore, cheekbone reduction is able to give you a permanent result.

Complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction


The issue of whether cheekbone reduction pose any risks depend on:

1. Surgical equipment used in the surgery

Cheek reduction at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital uses 3D CT scanner, which captures how high the cheekbone ratio is. From there, the doctor calculates the appropriate correction rate to minimize the invasiveness and complications when lowering the cheekbones.

2. Surgical techniques

Modern technologies and advanced bone dissection techniques help the cheekbone reduction procedure done in a short period of time with less risk of damage.

That’s why you still need to learn about the techniques, the cheekbone reduction technologies that the hospital offer to you.

3. Professional qualifications of plastic surgeon

Surgical skill is also a crucial element in every plastic surgery procedure, not to mention cheekbone reduction. Therefore, you should find accredited cosmetic facility with highly skilled and experienced surgeons.

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4. post-operative care

After surgery, you need to pay attention to the care regimen to avoid arising complications. Your surgeon should inform you the follow-up care instructions about the medication, how to take care of the wound.

Possible complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction


1. Scarring

When plastic surgery is performed by surgeon without great surgical skills, it is possible to leave scars in the patient’s parotid area. After surgery, due to the physical condition of each person or improper post-operative care will cause dark or keloid scars.

2. Sagging cheek

The main reason for saggy cheek is due to faulty technique done by your plastic surgeon who fail to measure the ratio of trimmed cheekbone to achieve a desired result.

3. Lockjaw

Improper ratio of jawbone to be cut or faulty technique causes the cheekbones to move and press on the muscle areas on the temporal side.

One tips to treat your lockjaw is to frequently practice opening your mouth. After a few months, this symptom will reduce.

4. Nerve damage

Cheekbones are exposed and have a deep connection with the nerves around the eyes and temples. Because of this, nerve damage occurs when the procedure is done by surgeon without great surgical skills.

Possible complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction


1. Detailed preliminary consultation

You should find a prestigious surgeon who is likely to give you detailed information. From there, you understand the pros and cons of your planned surgery.

2. Physical examination prior to surgery

Physical examination is a crucial stage of every surgery as it will determine whether patient is eligible to undergo the planned procedure. By doing that, the risks of possible complications will be minimized, resulting in the best result.

3. Follow surgeon’s instruction for post-operative care

After surgery, you should follow the prescription of surgeons about how to use medicine and clean the wound

Possible complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction

4. After surgery

There are a few things you need to keep in mind:

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  • Avoid strenuous activities on the first day of surgery: do exercises, go swimming
  • Avoid direct sun exposure to premature and immature scars

5. Healthy diet

On the first day of cheekbone reduction, patients can only eat light meals with liquid foods that are easily to digest to minimize the use of facial bones and muscles.

Besides, smoking and using stimulants are strictly prohibited as these substances contain toxins that cause a decline in immune system, thus, affecting the healing process. In addition, alcohol drinks also cause blood-thinning, bleeding.

6. Follow the scheduled re-examination

Re-examination is an essential stage for every patient after surgery, and they should follow the re-examination that has been scheduled in order to have surgeons promptly detecting any arising complications.

Possible complications after cheekbone reduction
Possible complications after cheekbone reduction

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Finally, we have come to the end of this article discussing cheekbone reduction and its complications after surgery. We, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital hope that your concerns have been solved. Now, If you still have any questions, please contact our Hotline for further consultation!

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