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Cheek Piercing To Form Dimples – The New Trend

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Saying teenagers’ creativity has no boundary is still an understatement. We have had many locations for piercing like the ears or the nose. Recently, cheeks piercing to form dimples is a growing trend to make themselves look different. But is this the right area for piercing? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is cheek piercing to form dimples?

Before performing cheek piercing to form dimples, the artist must look into your mouth to look for the salivary glands to avoid them. This is necessary as they are curable if are accidentally pierced.

The technician who performs cheek piercing to form dimples will mark the location of the piercing for you to view the result beforehand. After that, you can wash your mouth. If you are worried about the pain, you can ask them to apply anesthesia to the skin.

This technique tends to be performed with needles instead of a piercing gun and can be done inside or outside the mouth. If it is done from the outside, the technician will press a bottle cap or other protective product to prevent the needles from damaging the tongue or the gum.

In some cases, the cheek piercing to form dimples procedure is done with sewing needles so that the accessory can go into the hole in one insertion.

Cheek Piercing To Form Dimples
Cheek Piercing To Form Dimples

Is cheek piercing to form dimples painful?

The amount of pain you feel will depend on your pain tolerance. As the cheeks do not have any cartilage, they will receive less damage than if done at the nose or the ears.

When performing cheek piercing to form dimples, there will be bleeding. This will soon be over once the wound healed.

How much does cheek piercing to form dimples cost?

The cost for cheek piercing to form dimples will depend on the quality of the accessory and the location you choose to have it. It tends to range from 60 – 100 dollars. You must remember that if the price is too low compared to the market price, the quality might be off.

You have to make sure that the technician who does your service must be experienced and skillful. You can ask them for photos of their previous works, especially your procedure. You can also demand to see the license to perform piercing on the human body from them.

The price can also change depends on how many cheeks do you undergo the services.

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Cheek piercing to form dimples – good or bad?

The chance of infection for nose, ear, or belly button piercing is 50% lower than that of the mouth as these regions do not have to come in contact with food and don’t have to move frequently. The mouth area also requires extra sanitary and diet to recover properly.

Once you make a puncture at the cheek, you are damaging the oral region. Whenever you talk or smile, the wound will take much longer to heal. In addition, improper care can also increase the risk of infection. Many youngsters had faced the consequence of having a hole on the cheek.

Although cheek piercing to form dimples can help to make the dimples deeper and more highlighted, this also contains many risks and complications.

di chung xo khuyen ma lum

Whether you choose to have the procedure or not depends entirely on you; however, if the service can affect your health, you must consider it carefully or stop thinking about getting one.

The dimple surgery technology is transferred directly from Korea that can create beautiful dimples easily. The doctors will form a bond between the skin and the cheek muscle so that a sunken dimple will appear every time you smile or talk. The threads used in the surgery are also certified to be safe and harmless to the body. After just a 20-minute procedure, you will have yourself beautiful and charming dimples. This is a much better option than getting a cheek piercing to form dimples.

ma lum

tao ma lum

khach hang tao ma lum dong tien

ma lum dong xu 1

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If you are needing dimpleplasty, you can come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to consult the doctors directly so that they can give you the best technique to form your beautiful dimples today.

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