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FAQ: Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal?

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We must have questioned ourselves many times whether having tartar removal can whiten the teeth or not. The answer lies in the following article.
Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal?
Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal?

What is tartar/plaque?

Tartar (also known as plaque) is the food that remains after meals on the gum, in between teeth that it is difficult to floss and brush away.

Food plaque that remains in the oral cavity for about 7 days will be calcified into tartar that adheres tightly around the roots of the teeth – if not handled and cleaned carefully, it will become the cause of many dangerous oral diseases.

Can you whiten the teeth with tartar removal?

You may have gingivitis, periodontitis… or even destroy part or more of the gum area, damaging the pulp as well as the jawbone if bacteria and pathogens remain for a long time.

Therefore, in addition to regular and proper oral hygiene, we need to have tartar removal to eliminate the harmful agents to your teeth.

Dentists at Gangwhoo would like to confirm that tartar removal is not the same as teeth whitening. This is just a common dental technique that aims to remove food plaque that cannot be cleaned by daily toothbrushes.

However, after the tartar removal procedure is complete, the dentist will use some specialized dental materials to clean and polish the teeth again. This step will help clean the remaining plaque on the teeth, and also make the tooth surface brighter than before.

FAQ: Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal?
FAQ: Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal?

What is the best method of tartar removal?

Nowadays, tartar removal procedures (or scaling) have become extremely safe and simpler because there is ultrasonic scaling technology. The ultrasonic device will be used to remove tartar, stains, and plaque in the teeth, on the tooth surface, and deep under the gums with the micro ultrasonic scaler.

With the brilliantly designed water jet and vibration, every corner of the teeth is cleaned. And ultrasonic waves have the effect of vibrating to gradually wash away the tartar without causing damage and pain to the gums.

You only need to go to a reputable dental clinic and spend 20 to 30 minutes having an ultrasonic tartar removal and you will have clean and healthy teeth right away. On the other hand, the cost of tartar removal with ultrasonic devices is very affordable for everyone.

How often should we have tartar removal?

You should have tartar removal once every 3 to 6 months, depending on the condition of your teeth. This is the ideal time for a follow-up visit to check your oral health and have tartar removal. Here’s what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy.

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When the day comes due, you should go to a reputable dental facility to have tartar removal. You must not buy drugs and tools to perform tartar removal at home!

Performing tartar removal improperly can damage the gums and tooth tissue. There have been some cases of self-scaling that lead to early tooth loss.

Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal? Yes But Not Much
Can You Whiten Your Teeth With Tartar Removal? Yes But Not Much

Proper oral care to prevent tartar/plaque accumulation

Tartar/plaque is naturally crumbs, food remains that are calcified. Therefore, to prevent tartar formation, it is best to clean our teeth from the inside out after every meal.

You should use mouthwash and floss to clean between your teeth as well as remove all harmful bacteria. Careful oral care habits are the most effective method to prevent tartar accumulation.

In addition, a healthy and scientific diet will improve and make your teeth white and healthy. Limit your food consumption containing colorants, sweets and increase the nutritional intake of healthy foods such as seafood, green vegetables, and fruit juices.

How do we whiten our teeth?

Although having tartar removal (scaling) does not whiten the teeth significantly as we want, we can choose the laser teeth whitening method, this technique can be applied to make our teeth whiter as quickly as possible.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the question: can you whiten your teeth with tartar removal? If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital or our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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