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Can you still have a kid without undergoing circumcision?

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Circumcision is necessary for men, but not everyone needs to undergo circumcision. So what if you do not undergo circumcision? To help us understand more about circumcision and whether it’s okay to not undergo circumcision or not. Let’s find out with Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in the article below!
Is it good to not undergo circumcision?
Is it good to not undergo circumcision?

What is circumcision? 

The foreskin is an area of skin that covers the head of the penis when a man is young. This area of skin will automatically drop when men are from 4 to 5 years old. However, if after that time the foreskin has not dropped, surgical intervention is necessary.

Circumcision is a minor surgery – known as minor circumcision. This surgery is to remove the foreskin covering the head of the penis (the skin that covers the tip of the penis).

Circumcision can be performed on adults and children. For young children, minor circumcision is only performed when the child is healthy. As for adults, circumcision surgery is performed when they have balanitis, foreskin stenosis (meaning the foreskin cannot be pulled past the penis head), or when the foreskin cannot be pulled down completely.

Circumcision should only be performed when the penis is not circumcised and there are problems in the foreskin such as there is a risk of complications such as penile cancer, prostate cancer, …

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Is it good to not undergo circumcision?

Whether it is good to not undergo circumcision or not is one of the most concerning problems of men nowadays because the foreskin does not affect how long the sex lasts. However, not every man has normal foreskin even though they have entered adulthood.

Is it good to not undergo circumcision?
Is it good to not undergo circumcision?

Men should remember the following abnormal symptoms to determine whether they should undergo circumcision or not:

Abnormal symptoms of not undergoing circumcision

The foreskin is formed before a boy is born, the foreskin is not a redundant part of the genitals. The foreskin is responsible for protecting the immature urinary from external impacts, bacteria, and viruses.

If a man has the following abnormal symptoms in the foreskin, it is necessary to undergo circumcision immediately:

– Long foreskin: This condition occurs when a man reaches puberty but the foreskin has not been retracted, at this time the foreskin still covers most of the penis glans. Long foreskin occurs means when the penis erects, the person still has to use his hand to pull the foreskin down. The length of the foreskin makes it impossible for men to have sex, so circumcision is necessary.

– Narrow foreskin: when the foreskin is too small, the penis is covered by the skin that cannot be exposed (this condition is complete narrow foreskin), or if the penis head is exposed, it is only exposed half of the penis head.

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Is it good to not undergo circumcision?

Based on the information that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shared above, men experience conditions such as (long/narrow foreskin) but does not affect daily life, sex life, or the penis is not infected with penile diseases, then circumcision is not required.

Therefore, it is okay to not undergo circumcision.

Can you still have kids without undergoing circumcision?

This is also one of the most concerning problems of men in terms of undergoing circumcision.

When the foreskin is deformed, it will cause urine and genital debris to accumulate, along with poor or improper personal hygiene. As a result, it will create an ideal habitat for fungi and bacteria to reside and cause infection.

Can we have kids without undergoing circumcision?
Can we have kids without undergoing circumcision?

Germs originating from the foreskin will spread rapidly to the other parts of the genital and reproductive organs, which will interfere with the spermatogenesis, fertilization, quality, and quantity of the patient’s sperm.

– According to medical statistics over the years, men who have an uncircumcised penis but have a long/narrow foreskin and are not treated early have a high risk of problems related to the physiological functions disorder such as premature ejaculation, bloody ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, etc., sexual dysfunction in men.

Uncircumcised foreskin will affect the size of the penis: If the foreskin is tight or covers the glans penis, the penis size is not developed normally, which can cause deformities. In particular, in many cases, the uncircumcised penis during sexual intercourse will be painful, making men always feel inferior, guilty, uncomfortable when having sex with their partner.

If a man has a long/narrow foreskin, it can cause lots of negative effects on the sperm quality and quantity, the sperm’s ability to reach the egg, decreased sexual desire, ….those are the leading causes of male fertility problems today.

So if you encounter the above-mentioned conditions of foreskin without circumcision, is it okay to not undergo circumcision? The answer is yes, this problem affects fertility, increases the risk of infertility in men.

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Not all men need to undergo circumcision. However, if you encounter the medical problems that Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital mentioned above, you need to undergo circumcision immediately. Hopefully, the information in the article shall help you feel more assured and know how to handle the problems promptly if you encounter the above diseases.

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