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Can you give birth after breast augmentation?

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Many single ladies are worried if giving birth after breast augmentation is possible or will the breast augmentation affect their ability to breastfeed. Read the article below to get the answer that might be helpful to you!

Answer – Can you give birth after breast augmentation?

Women are born with the ability to become a mother, and all mother wants the best for their child. Therefore, if you have breast surgery during the time you are single and unwedded, can you give birth after breast augmentation?

Everyone wants to own big and round breasts that can attract other people’s attention. However, not everyone is born with one. In fact, some even possess saggy or flat breasts that required a total makeover using plastic surgery.

The answer to the topic question is that breast augmentation will not affect your ability to get married and give birth. This is because plastic surgery techniques nowadays have become so advanced that the surgeon will only have to make small incisions at the armpits and place the implants inside the breasts using an endoscope.

The implants are placed directly under the breasts tissues not to affect the nerves or the milk glands. This makeover will not affect the ability to give birth or breastfeed. Therefore, you can totally rest assured in the endoscopic breast augmentation technique if you want to “upgrade” your flat front.

Can you give birth after breast augmentation?
Can you give birth after breast augmentation?

Some notices when having breast augmentation before giving birth

The reality is some women have run into complications and side effects after breast augmentation. To reduce these risks to avoid affecting your health, you should remember:

1. Choosing a safe incision site

For unwedded women, the surgeon tends to recommend the inframammary (underboob crease) or the transaxillary (armpits) incisions for implant placement. This will help to preserve the milk glands, keeping the ability to breastfeed safe.

In addition, when having either of these types of incisions, your scars will be well-hidden, making you more confident when meeting other people.

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2. Implants size

Placing the implants correctly can affect the chance to breastfeed the baby in the future. Depends on the body condition that the surgeon will choose the appropriate breast implant size to not cause too much pressure to the milk glands.

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Many who wanted to have oversized breasts had chosen to have large breast implants, leading to compression inside the thorax that affects the nerves, muscle, and milk glands. Therefore, you should consult your physician beforehand to pick out the most suitable breast implant size.

3. The gap between breast augmentation and pregnancy

After having breast augmentation, you will need to rest and let the breasts be in shape for 6 months. After at least 1 year, you can begin thinking about getting pregnant and breastfeeding. In the cases that you want to get married and have a baby right away, you should get the breast augmentation after completing these steps to maximize the breastfeeding capability.

4. Choosing a reputable and quality facility for breast augmentation

Overall, breast augmentation doesn’t affect the ability to give birth. The most important thing is that you must choose yourself a prestigious location for your operation.

Many are concerned about the loss of feeling or breastfeeding difficulties after breast augmentation. To prevent this from happening, you should go to a reputable facility with the latest technology in the first place.

To truly understand the feeling of becoming a mother, you should put quality as the priority. To be more specific, you should choose a place with advanced equipment, skillful surgeons, and safe procedures.

Moreover, there haven’t been any clinical studies about abnormalities in breastfeeding after breast augmentation. The silicone level inside of the mother’s milk of a mother with breast augmentation isn’t different from that of regular ones. This means that breast augmentation does not affect the quality of the milk.

When coming to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you will be diagnosed by a first-level specialist to determine the breast condition and choose a safe implant type and procedure. Our hospital has had years of experience in this field of work to bring the satisfaction that you need.

You will be guaranteed with the quality and the longevity of the results. Moreveor, you will get your desirable and sexy breasts with just 40 million VND. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to receive your free advice from our experts.

This is the answer to the question of can you give birth after breast augmentation. We hope that you have taken in some valuable knowledge to make the final decision of whether to have breast augmentation today.

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