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Can New Nose Shape Last Permanently After Rhinoplasty?

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A new nose shape after rhinoplasty can last permanently or not is one of the most concerning problems of customers for no one wants to spend lots of money to have a new nose shape in a short time. The following article shall provide you the right answer to this problem. Stay tuned!

Can a new nose shape last permanently after rhinoplasty?
Can a new nose shape last permanently after rhinoplasty?

Can a new nose shape last permanently after rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a method that affects the nose structure with different levels to improve and correct the defects of the nose to bring a more beautiful nose shape. Every customer when choosing a rhinoplasty wants to have a nose shape that meets 3 criteria: Natural beauty – safety – long-term maintenance.

Especially, the customers are deeply concerned about whether the new nose shape can last for a long time or not. This is completely understandable because no one wants to spend a significant amount of money on rhinoplasty and only get results in a short time.

So can rhinoplasty give permanent results? Usually, a rhinoplasty that meets safety standards is likely to give results that can last for 10-20 years.

Although nowadays, rhinoplasty technology has developed greatly, no technology can ensure to give us a beautiful nose shape forever, but it can last for a long time.

The reason is that whether the new nose can last long or not depends on many factors. The next content will highlight these factors, please stay tuned!

The factors affect how long the new nose shape can be maintained

The new nose shape can whether last long or not depends on the following factors:

Rhinoplasty technique

Nowadays, there are two most popular methods of rhinoplasty, namely: Rhinoplasty and Filler rhinoplasty.

  • Rhinoplasty surgery: A method of dissecting skin and tissue from the nose to create a cavity to place cartilage on the nose. This technique changes the structure of the nose to a certain extent, so basically, the rhinoplasty surgery method can bring a long-lasting beautiful nose.
  • Filler rhinoplasty: A method of using fillers to inject into the nose to raise the nose bridge. After a while, the filler will dissolve and the nose will return to its original shape. In other words, the filler rhinoplasty method cannot give a long-lasting new nose shape.
Rhinoplasty surgery can give a long-lasting nose shape
Rhinoplasty surgery can give a long-lasting nose shape

Doctors’ qualifications

No matter which method you choose, the result of a rhinoplasty depends a lot (about 80%) on the doctors’ qualifications, experience, and skills.

Entrusting your nose to a good, highly qualified, experienced, and skilled cosmetologist shall help you to have a new nose shape that is not only beautiful but also is maintained for a long time. On the contrary, having rhinoplasty done by inexperienced and poorly skilled doctors shall ensure unexpected dangers.

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Rhinoplasty cartilage

The quality of artificial rhinoplasty significantly affects how long the new nose shape can last.

The procedure involves using artificial cartilage with high compatibility with the body and strong adhesion, which shall give you a beautiful long-lasting nose and prevent most possible complications. (Note: The price of this type of cartilage is usually quite high).

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Surgiform cartilage can ensure high safety to the body.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital recommends customers choose the surgiform cartilage for their nose.

Surgiform rhinoplasty is made from 100% of ePTFE, which is an extremely body-friendly material. So there shall be no complications and customers can have a long-lasting beautiful nose shape.

Surgiform cartilage is the material that was chosen by the doctor at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the rhinoplasty of actor Au Thanh Cat (Thai Dinh Duong). The actor was satisfied with the final result.

Wonderful changes of the actor Thai Dinh Duong’s appearance after having a cosmetic makeover at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Customer’s natural health status

Natural health state is also a determining factor in whether the new nose shape can last permanently or not. If the customers have a fine health status, the new nose shape lasts for a long time.

On the contrary, if your body has a strong excretion reaction, you are likely to experience some complications and obviously, the new nose cannot be maintained for a long time.

Post-operative  care

The process of follow-up and post-operative care plays an important role in whether the new nose shape is permanent or not. You should strictly follow the instructions of the doctor, remember the appointment schedule to see the doctor for a reexamination of your nose.

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In addition, you must keep your nose clean, avoid intense exercise that can heavily impact the nose area. In addition, you should avoid eating foods that can cause scarring, make you allergic, and avoid using stimulants.

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Can S Line rhinoplasty give a permanent nose shape?

S Line rhinoplasty or S line structural rhinoplasty is an advanced rhinoplasty technology, which uses high-quality artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage in the rhinoplasty procedure.

If S Line rhinoplasty is performed at a prestigious cosmetic facility by a team of highly qualified doctors in standard surgical conditions, the new nose shape can last for a long time, even a lifetime.

Can cartilage rhinoplasty give permanent results?

The cartilage rhinoplasty technique uses a combination of artificial cartilage to raise the nose bridge and autologous cartilage (usually ear cartilage) to coat and protect the nose tip.


We hope you’ve had enough useful information for your concerns about whether the new nose shape can last permanently after rhinoplasty or not. Thank you for your time.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital via our Hotline: 0901666879, or via our fanpage: www.facebook.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo.

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