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Can Eyelid Overcorrection Be Fixed? Where Is A Reputable Facility Blepharoplasty?

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Whether it is intentional or accidental, many people have been having eyelid overcorrection after having blepharoplasty. So can eyelid overcorrection be fixed?

Why should you have blepharoplasty?

In cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty is considered minor surgery. The blepharoplasty technique can help you to regenerate the eyelid creases that are natural and harmonious to the face.

For that reason, it can easily take care of the conditions of hidden eyelid, monolid, small eyes, etc., or even more complicated conditions like aging eyes, ptosis, or eyelid muscle paralysis.

To create a new crease and correct the flaws of your eyes, the doctors will base on the structure of your eyes to mark the new, natural, and harmonious look of the eyelid precisely.

Based on the predetermined markings, the surgeon will make a precise incision to create small open that allows the surgeon to get rid of the excess fat and saggy skin at the eyelids.

Finally, the doctors will use cosmetic sutures to close the incision, giving you new, visible, and symmetrical creases by creating the bond between the eyelid skin and the tarsal plate.

Will eyelid overcorrection affects your aesthetics?

These are the most noticeable sign of eyelid overcorrection. The eyelids are too big, making the eyes look abnormal. The eyelids are swollen and appear tired and uncomfortable. When considering the overall aesthetics of the face, big eyelids will not bring about a balanced look.

That said, many believe that big eyelids are beautiful and more attractive than normal eyelids. They even voluntarily let the doctors make the eyelids as big as possible. This, however, creates a disorder and danger to the eyes.

Naturally, the eyelids are structured specifically with soft and fragile tissues. Inside the eyelids is eyelid fat. An eye makeover will affect the skin and fat of the eyelids, reshaping the new lid creases. However, if the intervention is too great, the eyes can be damaged unexpectedly.

Therefore, eyelid overcorrection is considered to be a failed eye makeover and needs to be corrected.

Can Eyelid Overcorrection Be Fixed?
Can Eyelid Overcorrection Be Fixed?

The cases that require eyelid revision 

Nobody wants to undergo multiple surgeries to correct their eyes. Aside from the damages they received, the eyes will also no longer be naturally beautiful and take lots of time to heal. That is also the concern of many people when having cosmetic surgery. However, if you are unfortunate to fall into one of these cases, seek an expert to have your eyelid revision promptly.

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  • The eyes are asymmetrical after blepharoplasty.
  • The eyes are not harmonious with other facial features.
  • The eyelids are too wide and cannot be closed entirely.

No matter who you are, as long as you belong to the three cases above, you should consider having an eyelid revision. Most of these cases are caused by the expertise of the surgeons. You will need to undergo another surgery as there is no other way to take care of this problem before it is too late, so prepare your mental will in advance.

Can eyelid overcorrection be fixed?

Whether can eyelid correction be fixed or not is the question of many people. In fact, it will take your eyes 1 to 3 months to fully heal, then you can have an eyelid revision to treat them.

Eyelid revision is an effective treatment for people with imperfect eyes after blepharoplasty. However, not every facility can perform eyelid revision surgery effectively. Most people who are in need of eyelid revision are having a complicated problem with serious complications.

To perform an eyelid revision, the surgeon must first remove the old eyelid creases and scars on the eyelid. That is why the eyes need to heal for 1 – 3 months before entering another surgery as only then can the amount of skin and eyelid fat be sufficient enough for another intervention.

The recreation of the new eyelid creases will take a lot of time because the doctors will have to calculate the shrinkage of the lid creases to allow the new creases to be soft, balanced, and naturally beautiful. The stage of anesthesia will ensure the safety and the comfortable feeling for the patient.

The standardized eyelid revision procedure

  • Step 1: The patient will consult the eye specialist directly to receive a suitable proposal for their case.
  • Step 2: The client will undergo a general health examination to ensure that their health is qualified for the surgery.
  • Step 3: The eyelid will be anesthetized.
  • Step 4: The eyelid revision surgery
  • Step 5: Aftercare.
  • Step 6: Follow-up appointment and sutures removal.

The cost of eyelid revision will depend on the technical factor, the skills of the surgeon, and the reputation of the hospital. In addition, the severity of the eyelid will also be considered when calculating the price.

How to take care of the eyelid after an eyelid revision

To allow the eyes to heal quickly after the surgery, as well as to prevent dangerous complications from happening, the clients must follow the rules of eye makeover.

  • Apply ice on the wound to prevent swelling and pain after blepharoplasty.
  • Abstain from eating food that can cause allergies like seafood, water spinach, beef.
  • Avoid receiving external force onto the wound.
  • Allow the eyes to rest and relax. Don’t overwork after blepharoplasty.
  • Attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.
  • Clean the wound frequently by the instructions of the doctors.

The leading hospital for eyelid revision in Vietnam

Back then, many people when worrying if can eyelid overcorrection be fixed or not will have to go to Korea or countries with similar cosmetic innovations to have it corrected. However, you can now experience the international eyelid revision service right here in Vietnam.

In Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, all the cases of big or damaged eyelids can be fixed quickly and effectively. Thanks to a team of Koren-Vietnamese with years of experience and expertise advisors from Korea, all of your eyes problems will be dealt with safely and effectively.

Gangwhoo is a franchise from Korea, meaning that Gangwhoo Vietnam possesses cutting-edge cosmetic technology and international class. This 5-star cosmetic hospital will surely bring you the best cosmetic experience!

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We hope that you have solved the question of whether can eyelid overcorrection be fixed or not, and obtained the information about how to have an effective eye makeover!

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