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Can Eating Sticky Rice Cause Keloids?

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Can eating sticky rice cause keloids is the question that many are interested in, especially those who suffer an open wound. In this article, we will show you the diet that can be used to make the wound heal faster.

How keloid scars form on the skin

Keloid scars have similar shapes and sizes to the wound. They appear as pink clumps of meat, are hard as rubber, and can spread from the original areas and protrude from the skin, affecting the aesthetic of the person greatly.

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Normally, keloid scars are formed when the skin is damaged by accident and or surgery without proper care and treatment.

Keloids are formed due to the overproduction of collagen within the scar tissues, creating the slope of the scars with a darker color than the surrounding regions.

Can Eating Sticky Rice Cause Keloids?
Can Eating Sticky Rice Cause Keloids?

Can Eating Sticky Rice Cause Keloids?

Keloids are one of the nightmares of many women, hence why you should take care of your skin carefully. In addition, you should also build yourselves a healthy diet during the recovery period.

So can eating sticky rice cause keloids? According to our experts, eating sticky rice can supplement the body with lots of energy as 100g of rice equals 344 kcal. It is enough to provide us with a snack full of energy. That said, it is also a type of product that you should avoid.

Sticky rice is sticky and hot in nature. When eating the food, the wound will be swollen, take longer to heal, and excrete pus. That is why you must abstain from eating sticky rice until the skin is completely healed.

In addition to sticky rice, you should avoid the following products after surgery as they can cause the same effects as sticky rice.

  • Water spinach can make the wound and the scars darker.
  • Chicken can cause the wound to be swollen and more painful.
  • Seafood can make the skin allergic, itchy, and inflamed.
  • Eggs are the type of food to be avoided as they can make the new skin whiter than the surrounding regions.
  • Stimulating beverages like fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol, etc. can affect your skin and cause the wound to take longer to heal.

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How long should you abstain from eating sticky rice and other food that can cause keloid scars?

Now that you know whether can eating sticky rice cause keloids or not, you should also know how long should you stop eating it. Normally, you should wait until the wounds are completely healed as eating these products during the healing process can prolong the formation of new skin, causing keloid scars that are very unaesthetic.

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After cosmetic surgery like blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation, it is advisable that you should abstain from eating this food for one month or more depend on the healing speed of your body. This means that you should stop eating sticky rice after surgery even if it is your favorite dish.

In case that you just underwent treatments for any condition, the doctors will advise you with the food that you should stop eating. You should also follow the time period given by the doctors and attend the follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Food that you should eat to accelerate the healing process

We have already given you the answer to the question of whether can eating sticky rice cause keloids and what food to avoid. In this part, we will tell you what you need to do to take good care of your wound and how you should eat.

  • Supplement your body with lots of green vegetables like star gooseberry, fish mint, onion, pennywort, etc. These are vegetables that are beneficial for the healing process of the skin as they can prevent inflammation and bacteria.
  • When the wound is healing, you should eat plenty of pork and season your dishes with turmeric because turmeric contains curcumin is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance.

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  • Eat plenty of fruits that contain vitamin C can prevent the oxidization of the wound, increase the immune system of the body. Some fruits that can be mentioned are ripe mango, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, orange, pomelo, etc. You can also turn them into juice for easier consumption.
  • In addition, you should also take good care of the wound, prevent any contact with the wound to avoid inflammation or infection. Likewise, disinfecting the wound frequently is also advisable.

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This article has answered your question of whether eating sticky rice cause keloids. If you still have any questions, please write them down in the comment of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and we will answer your question swiftly.

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