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Can Eating Squid Cause Keloids? – Myth Buster

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Some people believe that eating squid during the healing process can lead to keloid scars. So can eating squid cause keloids? Does it affect your open wounds? Let’s our experts bust this myth for you!

Can eating squid cause keloids?

Currently, there is a lot of conflicting information on this issue. Part of the idea is that eating squid can cause keloids because the amount of foreign protein in the squid entering the body will make the wound bulge.

In contrast, many people also think that they should eat squid. Because this type of seafood has a very rich nutritional content, helping to accelerate wound healing.

So, can eating squid cause keloids? Experts warn that when there is an open wound, eating squid can cause keloid scars. In addition, it makes your wound itchy and uncomfortable, along with many other effects such as:

Can eating squid cause keloids?
Can eating squid cause keloids?

1. It makes the wound purulent

Eating squid while having an open wound will make the recovery process take longer than usual. It even makes the wound hard, inflamed and difficult to heal.

In order to ensure that there is no mistake, please abstain from eating seafood, especially squid, while the skin is recovering.

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2. It causes the wound to react

Dermatologists also recommend that, if you have just undergone an operation or surgery, it is best to avoid eating seafood such as squid. Because the foreign protein in this seafood can cause the wound to react with the immune system.

Most surgical wounds have very large sizes, so if the skin is irritated, it will be very uncomfortable. In case of severe allergy, the wound is at risk of blistering.

To be able to limit bad complications, you should avoid eating squid or seafood during this time to be able to prevent the risk of having keloid scars or itching.

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Conclusion: With the answer to “can eating squid cause keloids”, surely you know what to do now, right? Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital still advises you to refrain from eating seafood to avoid unwanted complications from appearing. Wait until the wound is healed completely and begin eating them again.

What diet should a person with open wounds have?

Aside from the question “can eating squid cause keloids”, the types of food that we should or should not eat to prevent issues from appearing on the wounds are also the concern of many.

1. Food that we should NOT eat

When you have a wound, always pay attention to the time it takes for the wound to heal. In addition to wound care, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition.
  • Chicken
This is rather bad food for people who are injured. Even in our normal life, eating chicken can also cause some allergies.

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  • Glutinous products

The food made from glutinous products can harden the wound, creating scars once it heals. When you have open wounds, eating glutinous products can make the wound purulent and irritated.

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  • Spicy food
This is a type of food that is not good for the body, especially the stomach. When you have an injury, eating hot spicy food will make the wound worse.
  • Water spinach
Eating water spinach causes the body to overproduce collagen, so it will create new cells and keloid scars.

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2. What you SHOULD eat to fasten the healing speed

After knowing whether can eating squid cause keloids or not and some other foods that need to abstain from, you must be wondering what you should eat to heal quickly. In the next section, we will reveal to you the foods to have when you have an open wound.
  • Eat lots of lean meat
Lean pork is quite benign as it does not cause irritation like chicken or beef and contains many nutrients that help the skin regeneration process take place quickly, helping to shorten the recovery time.
  • Eat more vegetables
Green vegetables contain many vitamins, fiber, and minerals that are very good for the body. Adding more green vegetables to the diet helps to increase the body’s resistance. Thanks to this, the wound will heal quickly. But you should stay away from water spinach if you don’t want to have a keloid scar.

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  • Fruits that are rich in vitamin

The fruits that contain lots of vitamins A, B, C, and E can help to hasten the healing process of the skin, prevent senescence, and improve the immune system.


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  • Fresh milk

In fresh milk contains a lot of minerals and protein that are very good for the body’s recovery process. For people who are injured or just had surgery that make them cannot eat right away, milk is an essential source of nutrition. Please drink more milk every day to help increase resistance and support wounds to heal quickly.

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In addition to eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals that support wound recovery, you should set up a care regimen, perform reasonable hygiene, limit vigorous exercise, and always keeping the spirit relaxed. Sleeping on time is also a way to help open wounds recover quickly.
Can eating squid cause keloids? It is no longer a big problem that you need to wonder about anymore because the answer is to abstain from eating them. Instead, eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals for quick wound recovery.
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