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Can Cheek Reduction Give A Permanent Result?

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PNO – In the subconscious of Asians in general and Vietnam in particular, women with high cheeks have difficulties in marriage, the spouse is not impressed by the hollow cheeks of their partner.

Many women have cheek reduction services to overcome the above situation. So how many methods for cheek reduction, how are they done, are they safe and have long-lasting results? In order for you to make the right decision, the article below shall give you the answer you are looking for.

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How many methods of cheek reduction are there, how are they done?

There are two methods of cheek reduction nowadays: cheekbone reduction by injection of antispasmodic agent (Botox) and cheek reduction surgery. Depending on the condition of each customer’s cheekbones, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate method.

* Cheek reduction by injection of antispasmodic agent (Botox)

For the case due to increased pressure on the cheekbone area, causing the cheek to protrude and push up when smiling. The method of injecting antispasmodic agent (Botox) on the cheekbone area, which can reduce muscle contraction, the thickness of the cheekbones, lowering the cheekbones to be well-proportioned with the face. The injectable compound is known as a type of protein essence, which inhibits overactive muscles, reduces muscle volume, and makes body parts slimmer. This injectable compound (filler) is certified as a safe compound verified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and approved for use.

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* Cheek reduction surgery

Cheek reduction surgery is a technique that directly lowers the high cheekbones 1-2cm to create a more balanced and feminine face. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, this method can be applied to all high cheekbones.

The technique is carried out inside the oral cavity. Before the procedure, the doctor will take measurements and calculate the entire process to perform most accurately.

This beauty method requires high safety, qualification, skill, and experience of the doctor. Besides the mentioned factors, the technical equipment also has a great influence on the surgical results. This technique includes the use of the Vectra XT 3D device. This device allows the doctor to take a snapshot of your high cheekbones. Then, by giving the appropriate correction parameters, the Vectra XT 3D device will output the results of the cheek reduction surgery even before it has been performed.

In addition, the 3D X-ray machine allows the doctor to analyze the shape and porosity of the jawbone, cheekbones, identify the nervous system as well as the position of the bone that needs removing before surgery. From there, the doctor will determine the suitable proportion of high cheekbones that need to be reduced, and at the same time determine the exact technique to minimize and prevent unwanted damages.

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Is cheek reduction safe?

* Cheek reduction by injection of antispasmodic agent (Botox)

This method gives noticeable results after 3-5 weeks, high compatibility with the body, no harm or complications if you use quality Botox. The procedure is carried out quickly, which requires no surgery or rest.

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The final results can last for 6-9 months and basically cannot last permanently. With this beauty technology, you should not abuse it, but you should have the injection dose recommended by the Ministry of Health. Because an overdose will cause some side effects such as making the face stiff, emotionless, even deformed. If you are allergic to fillers, you need to be instructed carefully before injecting.

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* Cheek reduction surgery

During the cheek reduction surgery at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, thanks to the support of modern endoscopic techniques, the doctor can accurately observe each bone angle through the screen. The incision is small located in the mouth to ensure a painless surgery, which does not cause any bruises or leave scars.

This technique makes cheek reduction surgery safer and is carried out inside the oral cavity. The doctor shall use specialized, modern equipment to cut and lower the cheekbones to a suitable position.

The high cheekbones after being lowered shall not be filled up over time, so the final result can last for a long time, even for a lifetime.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, each doctor is a specialist in their field such as facial makeover, nose makeover, eye cosmetologist… In which, First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong is currently a visiting professor of plastic surgery practice at the Catholic University of Korea.

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