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Can A Failed Blepharoplasty Be Fixed? Where To Have The Safest Revision?

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Many people when having an unsuccessful eye makeover worry whether can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed. If so then what thing should they keep in mind? Read the article below to find out!

Can a failed rhinoplasty be fixed?

Why do some people wish to have double-lidded eyes? This is the question that many are Asians received. Do you know that 50% of Asians are monolid or have hidden eyelids that make the eyes unattractive? This is why they believe that having double-lidded eyes will create the spotlight for the face, breathing a new breathe into the eyes.

For this reason, they seek blepharoplasty to reshape the look of their eyes. However, many people happened to have the problem of failed blepharoplasty, making them question can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed? Here is the explanation from Gangwhoo!

The causes of failed blepharoplasty

Over the years, cosmetic services have become more popular, especially the blepharoplasty service. Many cosmetic centers and spas also operate without a license to make a profit from the trend, disregarding the consequences.

The chance of having failed blepharoplasty also increases significantly due to the fact that people tend to seek cheap services without understanding them. To be more specific, the causes of failed blepharoplasty are:

  • Obsolete blepharoplasty technology that can not take care of the problems and meet the desired need of the customers.
  • The equipment and operating environment are not up to standard. This affects the quality of the cosmetic services, as well as the health of the customers as the incisions could get infected, directly harming the aesthetics and the health of the person.
  • The consequences of the poor facility choice. People are mistaken that unknown cosmetic centers will have experienced and skillful surgeons. However, they are usually unskilled and low-quality, making the risk of having failed blepharoplasty extremely high.
  • One objection cause is the external impact that makes the eyelid creases disfigured and unstable.
  • One culprit of the problem that must be mentioned is the improper care of the patient. This could have been well-controlled. However, for many reasons, both objective and subjective, a failed blepharoplasty might not be responsible by the surgeons.

Common cases of failed blepharoplasty

Not everyone having blepharoplasty can immediately see themselves having visible and well-shaped double-lidded eyes as lots of low-quality cosmetic facilities are still round. So when should you have eyelid revision after a failed blepharoplasty?

  • The eyelids have blood clots, infections, or lasting swelling.
  • The eyelids are asymmetrical, affecting the overall appearance.
  • The lid creases are shallow or abundant.
  • The lid creases are too big or too deep compared with the overall look of the eyes.
  • The eyelids are pulled upwards, have ptosis, or are unable to close fully.
  • The orbitals look hollow due to the excessive amount of fat taken out, making the eyes look old and ugly.

If you happen to have one of the cases above then it is time to have eyelid revision for failed blepharoplasty.

Can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed? 

The answer to the question of whether can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed is YES. You can definitely improve the look of your eyes if you accidentally have a failed blepharoplasty in a bad facility.

Repairing the look of damaged eyelids is more complicated than operating on them for the first time, meaning that it would require great knowledge and skill from the surgeon.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – the first-level specialist in cosmetic surgery (the highest level of a cosmetic surgeon in Vietnam) – is currently working in Gangwhoo. With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong has performed over ten thousand cosmetic surgery for domestic and international customers. He is known for his techniques of blepharoplasty, buried sutures double eyelid surgery, eyelid revision, etc.

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He is renowned to be an expert in reversing the damages of failed cosmetic services thanks to his steady hands and skill. All of the clients’ flaws and defects will be turned into perfection. The customers are truly the “masterpiece” of his life.

If you just happen to experienced failed blepharoplasty before, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong at Gangwhoo is the perfect choice for you.

When should you have eyelid revision?

People who have had failed blepharoplasty tend to rush for a quick solution. However, to achieve the best result, you should wait from 5 – 12 months (depend on your body condition) after the first blepharoplasty to allow the eyelids to heal and stabilize.

In case of having droopy eyelids, you can have revision 3 months after the original failed blepharoplasty.

It is best that you head directly to a reputable cosmetic facility to receive consultations and advice that is suitable for your case.

Note: You should only have eyelid revision when the eyelids have completely recovered. However, if the eyes have blood clots or infections, you should have it treated immediately.

The aftercare after having eyelid revision

You must pay attention to the aftercare of the eyelids to ensure the best recovery. Otherwise, it will affect whether can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed or not.

This aftercare will be much stricter than the one after the first blepharoplasty as the damaged eyelids are now much more sensitive.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind when having failed blepharoplasty revision:

  • Always keep your eyes ventilated.
  • Clean the eyes region using saline.
  • Don’t let water make contact with the eyelids.
  • Avoid exposing the eyes to dirt or smoke.
  • Don’t rub the eyelids.
  • Abstain from eating chicken, water spinach, spicy food, etc.
  • Don’t stay up late or use electronic devices frequently.
  • Don’t take any unprescribed medications.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has redeemed many cases of failed blepharoplasty on many different levels of severity, helping both men and women to regain the beauty that pertains to them. You should not be too worried about whether can a failed blepharoplasty be fixed or not.

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