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Endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant – A farewell to your saggy bottom

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By making use of Ergonomix implants in an endoscopic buttock lift, your once saggy bottoms can now be sexy and full of life, elevating your beauty entirely and allowing you to have a body of desire.

Endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant
Endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant

What is an endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant?

Endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant is a plastic surgery used to improve the bottom of the patient with an endoscope and the Nanochip Ergonomix implant, turning your saggy bottom into sexy and attractive buttocks.

The Nanochip Ergonomix implant used in the operation is manufactured by Motiva. This is a premium type of implant that comes with nanochip to ensure safety and limit the complications that can happen to the person.

The advantages of Ergonomix implant

The Ergonomix implant is considered to be a breakthrough from Motiva in plastic surgery. With its superiority, The Ergonomix implant used in buttock lift has become the is trusted by many to be the material used in their operations.

The Nanochip Ergonomix implant is 100% filled with silicone gel to bring about outstanding elasticity and body compatibility.

With its 7 outer layers, the durability of the implant is significantly improved, preventing the gel from leaking inside the body. The Nanochip Ergonomix implant can withstand tremendous force, preventing implant rupture and gel leaking.

The Nanochip Ergonomix implant can alternate its shape and size to adapt to the position of the person. In addition, with the Nanochip inside, the hospital can easily know the condition of the implant to warn their customers if there is anything wrong with the material. With 49,000 contact points, the implant is highly adhesive and can easily adapt to the body.

by using an advanced endoscope with a micro camera tip, the surgeon can observe inside the bottom of the person to know the exact positions of muscle tissues and nerves, allowing the buttock lift to not affect the surrounding body parts.

The procedure of endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant

Step 1: Consultation

A specialist will inspect and diagnose the conditions of the patient’s bottom to offer a suitable implant size and technique.

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Step 2: General health assessment

The customer will need to go through a general health examination to ensure that they are qualified for the surgery.

If the client is contracted with cardiac diseases, hemophilia, high blood pressure, or diabetes then they are not allowed to undergo the operation.

Step 3: Anesthetization

An anesthesiologist will sedate the patient before the surgery so that they will feel painless during the entire process.

Step 4: Endoscopic buttock lift

The surgeon will make a small incision at the butt crack and use an endoscope the create cavities for implants. The implants will be placed between the gluteus medius and the gluteus maximus (small and large buttock muscle). This is the most optimal placement for the implant as it will not damage the nerves or the blood vessels. Moreover, this implant position will allow the patient to sit normally without affecting other activities.

After some final adjustments, the surgeon will close the incision.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After the surgery, the patient will remain at the hospital for further monitoring in 1 – 2 days.

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Buttock lift price at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

The costs of a buttock lift are:

  • Endoscopic buttock lift: 2700 – 3600 USD
  • Endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant: 3200 – 4100 USD

Aftercare of buttock lift with Ergonomix implant

After having the buttock lift with Ergonomix implant, the patient must follow the instruction provided by the doctor to allow their bottom to heal quickly and stably.

  • For the first few days, the bottom will be swollen and painful. The client can apply a hot or cold compress to subside the swelling and pain.
  • The patient will have to use bottom dressing for the first 3 days and a compression garment for 1 month.
  • The customer should sleep on their stomach as this will allow the implant to become stable and fixed. After one week, you can sit and sleep lying flat, but you still need to place a pillow under your bottom for support.
  • You should not eat food that can cause keloid scars like beef, seafood, water spinach, etc. You must not use stimulants like alcohol.
  • It is recommended that you supplement your body with vitamins by eating vegetables and drinking lots of water to keep your body healthy.
  • All antibiotics and painkillers use must be as doctor’s orders. Don’t abuse your medications.
  • Attend your follow-up appointment as scheduled and seek out medical help immediately any abnormality occurs.

The endoscopic buttock lift with Ergonomix implant is the safe and advanced technique applied at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. If you are having the need to enlarge your bottom, contact our fan page immediately to receive consultations from us.

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